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Records of Nestlé (UK) plc's Chapelfield Factory, Norwich and of Nestlé's predecessors, A.J.Caley and Son Ltd, John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd and Rowntree Mackintosh Ltd, chocolate, cracker and mineral-water manufacturers
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A J Caley's correspondence with neighbour, George E Hawes of Mancroft House

Concerning dispute over the firm's opening of windows overlooking Hawes' property and building of tall structures on their mutual boundary, and including copy letter from the Rev. Synge of Mancroft Vicarage re windows in Caleys' buildings and copy building restriction clauses, 1879
See also further correspondence with Hawes in BR 266/89.

A J Caley and Messrs A J Caley & Son records

Earlier records relating to the Chapelfield factory site are to be found in BR 266/89.

A.J. Caley and Son Ltd; 1898-1939; manufacturers of chocolate confectionery, mineral waters, cocoa and christmas crackers; Norwich, Norfolk

A.J. Caley and Son Ltd's agreements and correspondence with Auto-Sprays (Beckenham) Ltd and Boggild & Jacobsen and Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ltd (No. 23)

Includes correspondence with solicitors and Auto-Sprays re special resolution enabling the restructuring of Auto-Sprays' shares subsequent to subscription by A.J. Caley and Son Ltd, 1933-1936, with duplicate agreement between Caley and Auto-Sprays, whereby, in return for investment in preference shares from Caley, Auto-Sprays agreed to purchase penny bars of chocolate from Caley for sale in their automatic vending machines, Dec 1933, endorsed with cancellation of the agreement, Nov 1936, copy agreement with Boggild & Jacobsen of Copenhagen, manufacturers of chocolate hollow goods machinery, whereby Boggild & Jacobsen agreed to supply Caley with two sets of plant for making hollow chocolate figures, June 1936, and signed agreement with related correspondence in which Boggild & Jacobsen were to supply Caley with steel-faced moulds, 1939 and correspondence with solicitors re licence from Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ltd to manufacture and sell moulded, chocolate Micky Mouse and other Disney characters figures, 1936-7.

Apprenticeship indentures, export certificate and correspondence re various (No. 24)

Includes; copy certificates of Caley factory fire escapes, 1902 and 1923, with schedules describing the location of the fire exits, and with letters from the city engineers' office, 1923, customs and excise entry papers for Caley to manufacture wines and store and retail cider on their premises, 1926-1938, A.J. Caley and Son Ltd's copy certificate by removers and exporters as to clerks in their employ or agents acting under general bonds, 1931, correspondence with the Ministry of Labour relating to the legal position, under the Trade Board Acts, of the chocolate despatchers in the Caley stock room at their London depot in Chenies Street, 1932, copy assignment of A.J. Caley and Son Ltd cocoa trade marks and goodwill to W. S. Shuttleworth and Co. Ltd of London, beverage manufacturers, 1933, signed copy indenture of apprenticeship of Bramwell Andrew Wells as a lithographic artist to A. J.Caley and Son Ltd, Nov 1930, signed copy indenture of apprenticeship of Clifford W. Gibbs as a lithographic printer with college statement of Gibb's exam results and correspondence with Norwich Consolidated Charities re payment of premium, 1935-1940

Various Mackintosh-Caley signed and duplicate copy agreements (No. 26)

Includes; two empty envelopes once containing agreements with Hooper Struve & Co, Ltd, and Gewerbebank, both 1933, draft agreement with Caley subsidiary company, Dewbarry Confections Ltd, to enable Caleys to manufacture and sell Dubarry lines of biscuit products, 1933, signed copy agreement with A.J. Caley and Son Ltd, Dubarry Confections Ltd, and with Harden Bros & Lindsey Ltd, whereby Harden manfactured ground coffee tablets, and grants to Caley and Dubarry sole rights to market the tablets in the UK for 16 years, 1934, endorsed memorandum of cancellation of the agreement, and with correspondence with Kondor Coffee re agreement that Hardens take over Caley's previous arrangement with Kondor, 1935, signed agreement and duplicate agreement between Mackintosh, Caley and A.R. Van der Loeff of Xox Biskuitfabrik G.m.b.H. of Rheinland, Germany for rights to manufacture and sell speciality biscuits (wafers, butter biscuits, chocolate cream biscuits, etc.) of Xox's design in the British Dominions, March 1933, with supplemental agreement determining the previous agreement, March 1939, signed and draft copy agreements between Mackintosh and A. J. Caley and Son Ltd as follows; Mackintosh to purchase raw materials for Caley, April 1934, and copy, Caley to manufacture chocolate coverture for Mackintosh only, April 1934, and copy, Caley to manufacture for Mackintosh, toffee chocolate blocks and other confectionery lines, Dec 1935, and copy, agreement to terminate the above three agreements, March 1937, and copy, and first, second and final draft agreements between Mackintosh and subsidiary company, A.J. Caley Ltd to allow Caley to use Mackintosh-owned trade-marks, with detailed schedule of trade-marks, April 1940.
See also signed and sealed copies of the production agreements, 1933-1937 in BR 266/122.

Bonds of indemnity, notices of railway ledger accounts on Mackintosh's behalf, freight guarantees, correspondence and forms of entry re Customs and Excise duties on export of mineral waters and disposal of industrial methylated spirits,1939-1941 and also copies of schedules of title deeds and leases to properties owned and occupied by John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd, 1939 (No. 35)

Includes; schedule of title deeds relating to Stoney Royd Mills, Halifax, and elsewhere in Halifax and Liverpool, schedule of title deeds to a freehold factory in St Stephens Back Street, Norwich and to other properties in Starling Place, Coburg Street, St Stephens Back Street, Chantry Road and at the Elms Estate, Unthank Road, Norwich, schedule of leases and tenancy agreements to properties throughout the UK, with covering correspondence between the company secretary's offices in Halifax and Norwich, Nov-Dec 1939, and signed and sealed indemnities against costs arising from a bond with Customs and Excise re the disposal of industrial methylated spirits, 1939

Agreements re leasehold properties in Norwich and Great Yarmouth (No. 37)

Includes; memorandum of agreement for the hire by A. J. Caley and Son Ltd from George Gowing, of a garage in Kent Square, Great Yarmouth, Feb 1938, a signed copy lease for ten years from John Beattie and others to Caleys, of St Peter Mancroft Mission Hall, Chantry Road, Norwich, Sep 1938, signed copy assigments of the remainder of the lease-terms on a former motor garage in Kent Square, Yarmouth, and on the mission hall in Chantry Road, Norwich, Sep 1939, and signed agreement for the hire by Mackintosh from Major Alan R. Colman, of the central hall and seven rooms in the former premises of the old High School for Girls at Theatre Plain, Norwich, June 1940.

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