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Norwich Police Force
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Norwich Police Force

  • N/PO
  • Fonds
  • 1879-1966

Includes crime registers, duplicate annual returns re crime and the police establishment and some personnel and disciplinary files.

Norwich Police Force; 1879-; Norwich, Norfolk

Crime registers

Until 1958, these volumes were known as the 'Registers of Indictable Offences'. The first volume of the series is labelled on the spine with the numeral '1', but the first entry refers back to [a precursor volume], a so-called 'Felony Book' .

The pre-printed pages contain the following headings: Number of offence [per year]; Time/Date reported; Classification of offence (e.g. larceny, indecency, bigamy, etc.); Where committed time/date; Name, address and occupation of person against whom committed; Description of property stolen; Value of stolen property; Value of property returned (both these subject to running totals per annum); State how offence was committed (names witnesses); Name of officer on enquiry; Particulars of persons arrested (Date of arrest, Name and address of prisoner, By whom arrested, Number of charge); Result of charge and offence for which committed.
The latter few columns were often left blank because no suspect could be found and the case was undetected.

The registers are arranged by report number in each year, but report dates are not always in strict chronological order. There is some overlapping of dates between the volumes. There are frequent cross-references between entries and the volumes, as previously undetected cases were later solved (i.e, a suspect had been arrested, tried and found guilty).

Each register is indexed at the front of the volume by complainant and also by prisoner. Where volumes cover multiple years, the indexes are arranged under each letter by the year.

The number of offences reported varied between 250 and 500 per annum until the mid 1930s, then increased rapidly until in 1965 (the last full year recorded in the surviving registers) 5,180 crimes were reported.

The majority of crimes reported were classified as larceny cases. In the majority of cases, the responsible officer was a detective constable rather than a police constable.

Each year's entries in the first eight registers were signed off by the Chief Constable for the City, John Henry Dain. His successors did not follow this practice.

Register of Indictable Offences

Also contains record of report of December 1911. Includes summary, in tabular form, of detected and undetected offences reported in 1912, classified into crimes against the person, against property with violence, against property without violence, arson, forgery and attempted suicide.

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