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Bulwer of Heydon Family Papers
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Bulwer of Heydon Family Papers

  • BUL
  • Fonds
  • early 13th century-1979

BUL 1 Diplomatic Papers of William Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer, Baron Dalling and Bulwer (1801-1872)
BUL 2 Title Deeds: Norfolk Suffolk and General
BUL 3 Settlements and Mortgages
BUL 4 Family Papers: Earle, Earle Bulwer and Lytton Bulwer
BUL 5 Family Papers: Bulwer of Wood Dalling and Guestwick
BUL 6 Family Papers: Wiggett of Guestwick and elsewhere
BUL 7 Family Papers: Bagge/Lee Warner of Quebec House, East Dereham
BUL 8 Family Papers: Dering of Denver, Norfolk, and of Kent
BUL 9 Family and Estate: Lytton of Knebworth, Herts.
BUL 10 Manorial
BUL 11 Estate Records
BUL 12 Antiquarian Collections
BUL 13 Miscellaneous: Dashwood of Wimbotsham and elsewhere
BUL 14 Miscellaneous
BUL 15 Additional Family and Estate papers (1696-1949)
BUL 16 Further Additional Family and Estate papers (c 1500-1979)

Bulwer family; early 13th century-20th century; Heydon, Norfolk

Diplomatic Papers of Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer

The bulk of the papers listed here concern Bulwer's diplomatic career, principally in Spain, the Danubian Principalities and Constantinople. There are several boxes of papers relating to his Parliamentary career in the 1830s but very little about his short spell as M.P. for Tamworth 1868-71. There are seventeen boxes containing MSS of Bulwer's published works and drafts of articles for newspapers. Personal papers are scanty, but they show how, in the 1850s-60s, Bulwer was troubled both by poor health and financial difficulties.

Attaché at Berlin 1827, Vienna 1829, The Hague 1830 bdl 1
Attaché at Paris 1832-33 bdl 2
M.P. for Wilton 1830, Coventry 1831-35 and Marylebone 1835-37 bdl 3-10
Printed papers about British Auxiliary Legion in Spain, 1834-40 bdl 11
Financial and business affairs, 1830-54 bdl 12
Chargé d'affaires, Brussels, 1835-37 bdl 15-16
Secretary of embassy at Constantinople, 1837-38 bdl 17-18
Secretary of embassy at Paris, 1839-43 bdl 19-20
Minister-plenipotentiary and envoy-extra-ordinary at Madrid, 1843-48 bdl 21-78
Minister plenipotentiary and envoy extra-ordinary at Washington, 1849-52 bdl 79-97
Minister plenipotentiary and envoy extra-ordinary at Florence, 1852-55 bdl 98-108
Misc. undated letters from the 1850s bdl 109
Papers relating to Costa Rica and Central America, 1852-56 bdl 110-114
Papers relating to the Guyandotte Land Co., 1854 bdl 115-117
Commissioner to investigate the condition of the Danubian Principalities 1856-58 bdl 118-160
Ambassador extraordinary at Constantinople, 1858-65 bdl 161-360
Personal and miscellaneous papers 1865-72 bdl 361-378
M.P. for Tamworth 1868-71 bdl 379
Societé des Travaux Publiques et Banque d'Orient, and Euphrates Valley Railway Co., 1870-72 bdl 380-91
Letters from various persons to Edward W. A. Tuson, 1856-58 bdl 392
Misc. political and diplomatic papers, 1820s-60s. bdl 393-394
Literary MSS and notes bdl 395-418
Miscellanea bdl 419
Newspapers and printed material from 1872 bdl 420
Part of draft biography and biographical notes bdl 421-422
Lists of HLB's papers bdl 423
Addenda. bdl 424

Sir (William) Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer; 1801-1872; Baron Dalling and Bulwer, diplomat

Letters from HLB

Draft letters from HLB to Lord Melbourne (DNB), 1828-1829 (5, relating to war between Russia and Turkey); draft letter from HLB to Prince Lieven, nd, asking to accompany him on Turkish Campaign; John Backhouse, Foreign Office, 1828; Sir Brook Taylor (DNB) to Lord Cowley (DNB), 1829; draft and copy letters from HLB relating to Belgian revolution to Thomas Staveley (9), T. L. Ward (7), Lord Aberdeen (DNB), unidentified (1), incl. proclamation and newspaper, 1830; letters to HLB from T.L. Ward and Lord Aberdeen (DNB), 1830.

Notes, printed papers, draft speeches etc. of HLB

Relating to reform (printed), Ireland, Dissenters, Germanic Diet (newscuttings); Coventry - election silk and ribbon trade, Marylebone, draft speeches and notes, political memoranda misc.: incl. Counsel's opinion about trust set up by John Cumming relating to property and capital at Riga; affidavit concerning papers of Narrova Govind, 1831; letter from HLB to un-named about political unions, 1831.

Letters to and from HLB

Lord Clarendon (DNB), 1853-1854 (4; 2 copy letters from HLB); John F. Crampton (DNB), 1852, 1854, 1856 (3); Sir Philip Crampton (DNB), 1852; John Wilson Croker (DNB), 1852 (written on reverse of letter from E. Magrath to Croker announcing HLB's election to the Athenaeum); Lord Derby (DNB), 1852 (3 draft letters from HLB); Benjamin Disraeli (DNB), 1853; Lord Douro, 1853 (actually 2nd Duke of Wellington who succeeded in 1852 but frequently still signed letters as Douro); E. Drouyn de Lhuys, 1853; M. Durval, 1854.

Letters to and from HLB

Count Forni, 1852 (2; 1 copy letter from HLB); Thomas de Fossi, British Vice-Consul at Portoferrajo, 1852 (enc. certificate on conduct of Elena Bambrick); J.A. Galiffe, 1852; Horace Hall, 1852; G. Hamilton, nd; C. Hantoy, 1852; Lord Marcus Hill, [1852] (1 to Lady Bulwer); James Irving, 1852; Jousseran, 1852; Nicolas Lami, 1852-1853 (2; 1 draft letter from HLB); Leonidas Landucci, 1852 (1; copy letter from HLB); Constantino Lascaris and Andrea Ponzello, 1854; Richard Bickerton Lyons (later Lord Lyons DNB), 1854 (5).

Letters to HLB

From: Alexander Macbean, British Consul at Leghorn, 1852-1855 (37 incl. 1 to Henry Drummond Wolff (DNB) and 1 official despatch; many enclosures incl. 7 letters or extract of letters to Macbean from his brother Lucas in Rome, 1852, extracts of letters from Macbean to R.L. Sheil (DNB), 1852, lists of disbursements, letter to Macbean from Thomas de Fossi, 1852, papers about trade, announcement of British Victory at Alma, 1854, letter to Macbean from Vinz. Antonelli, 1854).

Letters to HLB

From: Lord Malmesbury (DNB), 1852 (3 letters about HLB's appointment to Court of Tuscany, March 1852 with copy letter from HLB); 35 letters, June-Dec. 1852 with enclosures: copy letter from James Hudson (DNB) to Malmesbury, copy letter from H.V. Addington (DNB) to George Moore, Consul at Ancona, copy letter from Lord Westmorland (DNB) to George Canning (DNB), 1825 (This appears to be from the 11th Earl of Westmorland although he did not succeed to the title until 1841 and was Lord Burghersh in 1825), copy letter from Lord Derby (DNB) to Malmesbury, copy letter from Lord Eglinton (DNB) to Malmesbury; letter to HLB from George Harris).

Letters to HLB from

Richard Mitton, 1854; Mrs Mivart to Lady Bulwer, 1854; Edmund Molyneux, British Consul at Savannah, 1855; P.O'Brien (2 letters to Lord Derby (DNB)); William Barry O'Hara, 1854; (addressed to Sir Edward but meant for HLB); Thomas Godfrey Parker, 1852-1856 (3 begging letters); Duke of Parma, 1852 (draft letter from HLB) George Peabody, 1856 (enclosing letter to HLB from G.M. Dallas); Sir Robert Peel (DNB), 1854; Corrado, ?Politz, 1852; Horace Rumbold (DNB), 1852 (copies of letters to H.V. Addington (DNB), Henry Barron, and Peter Campbell Scarlett (DNB)); Felice Scali, 1852; Duke Sforza-Cesarini, 1852; Lord Stanley (DNB), 1853; Thomas Staveley, 1853 (letter from HLB with endorsement by G. Lenox Conyngham); James Montgomery Stuart, 1852; 'Suzanne', nd (from G/1); Alexander Turnbull, British Consul at Marseilles, 1855; Pasquale Villari, nd; Daniel Weisweiller, 1855 (4); Robert Winthrop, 1853.


From: Boislecourt to 'Milady', William Cowper (later Lord Mount Temple (DNB)); Lord Ellesmere (DNB), Lord Hardinge (DNB), Emily, Lady Palmerston (3), Mme. L. de Rothschild, José de Salamanca, John L. Stephens, G. Wellesley (DNB).

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