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Bradfer-Lawrence Collection
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Bradfer-Lawrence Collection

  • BL
  • Fonds
  • [12th century]-20th century

The Bradfer-Lawrence collection is rich and varied, ranging from medieval manuscripts to nineteenth-century business records. There are many groups of deeds and records of Norfolk families, and also papers relating to local and national government. The largest single group of papers relates to the Bagge family of Gaywood and their estates. Important smaller groups relate to a number of leading local families including Bacon of Stiffkey, Townshend of Raynham, and Paston, Earls of Yarmouth.

The principal series and categories are as follows:

Abstracts of Title, Sale Particulars, etc., [1632]-1947, BL/AB
Estate Papers and Deeds of the Adamson family of Wereham in Garboisthorpe, Shouldham, Stradsett, Crimplesham, Tilney St Lawrence, etc., 15th century-18th century, BL/AD
Antiquarian Papers, 17th century-20th century, BL/AQ
Bacon of Stiffkey, 1556-1621, BL/BC
Papers of Edward Milligen Beloe, senior, and Edward Milligen Beloe, junior, solicitors and antiquaries of King's Lynn, 19th century-20th century, BL/BE
Bagge Family, 18th century-20th century, BL/BG
Browne of King's Lynn Papers, 1680-1796, BL/BR
Castle Rising, 17th century-20th century, BL/CR
Philip Case Papers, [1423]-20th century, BL/CS
Drainage, Harbours and Navigation, 1320-20th century, BL/DR
Miscellaneous Deeds collected by Harry Bradfer-Lawrence BL/DV
Dixon of Islington, 16th century-1812, BL/DX
Everard of King's Lynn, 1646-1901, BL/EV
Families, Individuals, Autographs, 16th century-20th century, BL/F
National and Local Government, 1568-1858, BL/GT
Hamond of Westacre, 1527-1914, BL/HA
Antiquarian Papers of Revd George Hunt Holley, 19th century-20th century, BL/HO
Inclosure Papers, [1779]-1847, BL/IN
King's Lynn, [14th century]-20th century, BL/KL
Harry Lawrence Bradfer-Lawrence Papers, 19th century-20th century, BL/LW
Manorial Records, 13th century-20th century, BL/MA
Miscellanea, 1300-20th century, BL/MC
Medieval Deeds, 12th century-19th century, BL/MD
Letters and Papers of Revd George Munford [d 1871], vicar of East Winch, relating to Natural History and Antiquarian Topics, 19th century, BL/MF
Original Series of Deeds, 13th century-20th century, BL/O
MS transcripts of Parish Registers and Register Bills, mainly by Revd George Hunt Holley, [16th century-19th century], BL/PR
Religious and Charitable Foundations, [12th century]-19th century, BL/R
Records of the King's Lynn solicitors, Archer and Archer, and their predecessors, 1828-1930, BL/SL
Surveys, Reference Books and Plans, 16th century-20th century, BL/SY
Townshend Papers, 1660-nd [c 1853], BL/T
Tithe Records, 1609-20th century, BL/TI
Turnpikes, 18th century-19th century, BL/TP
Walpole of Houghton, 13th century-20th century, BL/WA
Title Deeds to property in Weeting on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, 17th century-19th century, BL/WG
Norfolk will extracts by Revd George Hunt Holley from the Norfolk and Norwich Archdeaconry Courts, the Norwich Consistory Court and the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, [14th century-18th century], BL/WL
Wyche of Hockwold Hall, 1676-1841, BL/WY
The Yarmouth Letters, 1660-1688, BL/Y
Maps and Plans, 16th century-20th century
Aerial Photographs, [? 1930s], [12th century]-20th century

Harry Lawrence Bradfer-Lawrence; 1887-1965; antiquary; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Map and survey of the Manor of Hauelies and town of Mintlyn late of Thomas Thorisby

Surveyor: George Osborne (1698-1713).
Coloured: Yes.
Compass: Yes.
North: towards the left hand margin; compass rose in red and blue in yellow circle with four points.
Scale: 40 perches to1in.
Cartouche: No.
Fieldnames: Yes.
Acreages: Yes.
Tenures: No.
Structures: Yes.
Topographical features: Mintlyn chapel (now ruined); farm now whitehouse farm; buildings in red, warren, Middleton common, Gaywood grounds, Middleton river. Two stows (?) in river and Middleton Stop (?). Roads with destinations.
Nicely scripted title top left; compass rose left side and scale surmounted by dividers and surveyor's name and date on right hand side.

Map of area from King's Lynn along south side of the Gaywood river to Bawsey (Church Farm).

Surveyor: unknown.
Coloured: Yes.
Compass: Yes.
North: towards the top of the page; simple compass rose with eight points shown.
Scale: 4 chains to 1in.
Cartouche: Yes.
Fieldnames: No.
Acreages: Yes.
Tenures: Yes.
Structures: Yes.
Topographical features: Gaywood river; reservoirs, small streams, ditches and ditches alongside river. Roads with destinations in brown, mills, buildings shown as rectangles, woods, toll gate, Bawsey Spot House (now Farm). No sign of the moat that lies west of Bawsey Church Farm. Fen marked north of the river. Magdalen Hospital. Gaywood road still has the same plan today.
Ornate cartouche with nothing in it. Panel with numbered fields, but few numbers on map.Scale line surmounted by dividers pencil and quill pen.

Map of Marshland

By J. Utting, surveyor, Lynn Regis, for the Commissioners of Sewers for Norfolk. Shows Windmills, Churches, Public Houses. Printed.

F.J. Utting; fl 1843; surveyor

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