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Archdeaconry of Norwich: Probate and Licences
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Norwich archdeaconry will register

This 'register' consists of a number of separate gatherings of registered copies of wills. The gatherings containing wills proved 1584-1592 and 1602-1605 are duplicated by the normal series of Norwich archdeaconry will registers and the wills are included in the manuscript indexes. This is a list of the wills registered in the gatherings for 1595-1597 which are not indexed in the manuscript indexes for those dates. The majority of those listed were proved at King's Lynn and are of inhabitants of parishes within the Lynn deanery.

1597 STEELE, Thomas, of Gaywood, yeoman
1597 FULLER, Avis, of Tilney, widow
1597 CONNINGE, John, of King's Lynn
1597 WATSON, Thomas, of West Winch, yeoman
1597 HEGET, Dorothye, of Pentney
1596-1597 TOMSON, Thomas, of Terrington, husbandman
1597 RAYNER, James the elder, of Little Massingham, husbandman
1596-1597 PALLETT, Elizabeth, of Sandringham, widow
1596-1597 BARRICKE, Thomas, of East Winch, shepherd
1596-1597 PALMER, Thomas [proved at King's Lynn]
1596-1597 FOSTER, Roberte, of West Newton, husbandman
1596 SMITHE, Frauncis, of 'Allewisthorpe' [Gayton Thorpe]
1596 DUCKE, William, of Grimston, husbandman
1596-1597 ANWICKE, Robert, of East Walton, husbandman
1596 HOWSE, Thomas, of Harpley
1596 JOHNSON, Robert, of Gayton, labourer
1596 PRIER, William, of Walpole St Andrew, yeoman
1596 BENNE, Alexander, of Islington, husbandman
1596 VINCENT, Christofer, of Westacre
1596 GYRLYNGE, Margaret, of Congham, widow
1596 BAXTER, John, of Scarning, yeoman
1595-1596 ATKINSON, Richarde, of Westacre, miller
1595-1596 MAYNE, Thomas, of Great Massingham, blacksmith
1595-1596 TAYLER, William the elder, of Great Massingham, husbandman
1595-1596 HYLL, Roberte, of Grimston, yeoman
1595 BAXTER, John, of Scarning, yeoman
1597 INGLEDEWE, John, of West Walton, yeoman
Dated 1597 DOWE, Secely, of Middleton
1597 LAWSON, Richard, of Terrington St Clement, yeoman
1595-1597 WATTSONE, Robert the elder, of King's Lynn, baxter
1596 GRENE, William, of Little Dunham, singleman
1596 WARWICK, Michael, of Islington
1596 (Administration granted) GALLARD, John, of Tilney St Lawrence, husbandman
1596 FLORY, William, of King's Lynn, yeoman
1596 LINGIE, James, of Sandringham
1596 JONES, William, of Walpole
1596-1597 MATHEW, John, of King's Lynn, 'hayer wever'
1596 CRANE, John the elder, of West Walton
1596 GAYE, Thomas, of Castleacre, yeoman
1596 WILLON, Alice, of West Newton, widow
1595-1596 DALTON, Ann, of King's Lynn, widow
1595 GREVE, Henry senior, of 'Aylswithorp', [Gayton Thorpe], yeoman
1595-1596 WALLINGTON, Brian, of Gayton
1595-1596 BOWELES, Richard, of Wiggenhall St Peter
1595-1596 LEAD, John, of King's Lynn, cordyner
1595 CHEVELYE, Edward, of Saxlingham, yeoman
1595 THACKER, Richard the elder, of Terrington St John, husbandman
1595 BRETTINE, Isbell widow, of Roger Roger Bretten, of Grimston
1595 FORD, Thomas, of Hardwick, yeoman
1595 DAUSON, William, of Ashwicken
1595 CARY, Edward, of East Winch, husbandman
1595 BARVELL alias WANDAM, Ellen, of Terrington St Clement, widow
1595 WHORRELL, Robert, of King's Lynn, yeoman
1595 GRAVES, William, of King's Lynn, singlewoman
Not proved, dated CHAMBERLAYNE, William, of Dersingham, blacksmith
1595 MILES, John, of Islington, husbandman
1595 MORRIS, Christofer, of Wolferton, husbandman
1595 BURNET, Robert, of Wiggenhall St German
1595 CAWSON, Caterayne, of West Walton, widow
1595 PAGE, Thomas, of King's Lynn, servingman
1595 WHERIWAS, John, of Terrington St Clement, yeoman.

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