Yarmouth Inventory list

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DCN 44/131/44 Conveyance by Margaret daughter of John Fegge candelar to Robert de Acle barber and burgess of Great Yarmouth and Alice his wife and John their son, for a sum of money, of piece of land with buildings abutting common lane File 15 Apr 1334
DCN 44/131/45 Quitclaim by Margaret to Robert, Alice and John as in DCN 44/131/44 File 1334
DCN 44/131/46 John de Acle burgess of Yarmouth appoints William de Gaysole de Yarmouth for delivery of seisin to Thomas atte Fen de Mouton taverner of Yarmouth, in one piece of land in Yarmouth File 1337
DCN 44/131/52 Conveyance by John Lawes and Isabella his wife executrix of will of Thomas Pynchon of Great Yarmouth, Isabella's father, John de Blickling chaplain and Adam Knape co-executor of the said will to Roger Lawes of Great Yarmouth of one tenement in Yarmouth abutting common lane at Middlegate File 1351
DCN 44/131/1 Conveyance by Theobald Rake and Nicholas Rake to Osbert de Wynchelse and his wife Alicia of land in Yarmouth, rendering 28d. per annum to sellers. File nd
DCN 44/131/4 Conveyance by William son of Adam Balaam of Great Yarmouth in maritage of his sister Alice to William Sterre of 12d. annual rents from land abutting Middlegate, rendering annually to seller one clove File nd
DCN 44/131/5 Conveyance by Roger le Wyte de Yarmouth to William Fyllok, for 1 mark, of land in Yarmouth 23ft long and 19ft wide abutting Middlegate, rendering 12d. annually File nd
DCN 44/131/8 Conveyance by Marioria de Tune wife of Warin son of William de Aldeby to Robert son of William de Aldeby of lands, fishhouses and rents in Yarmouth once William de Aldeby's File nd
DCN 44/131/12 Quitclaim by William Ose de Yarmouth to William Sterre and Alice his wife, for 6d. of claim in an annual rent of 1 farthing on land which was once Eliune la Blunde's File nd
DCN 44/131/18 Conveyance by William son and heir of William Sterre to Simon Balam, for a sum of money, of 12d. 1 farthing annual rent from land abutting Middlegate, land of prior William and 2 lanes, rendering one clove annually to seller File nd
DCN 44/131/20 Quitclaim by Oliver Wyth to Simon Balaam, John and Robert sons of William Balaam of right in 8s. annual rents from tenement lying between two common lanes in Yarmouth File 1289
DCN 44/131/21 Quitclaim by Adam de Wondeside de Yarmouth and Rosa his wife to John son of Alexander Peese burgess of Yarmouth, for a sum of money, of right in 7s. 1 1/2d. annual rents from divers tenements in Yarmouth File 1292
DCN 44/131/25 Conveyance by Custance Hunting de Great Yarmouth, widow, to Thomas son of Reginald Atteheythe de Tottington, baker, for a sum of money, of a piece of land with buildings abutting a common lane called Huntingesrowe rendering 8s. annually to land of the fee and 12d. to seller File 1295
DCN 44/131/29 Conveyance by Roger de Runham and Beatrice his wife to Thomas Aysman and Margaret his wife of a piece of land in Yarmouth abutting common lane File 1298
DCN 44/131/30 Conveyance by Richard Priur citizen of Norwich and Betrice his wife to Roger le Noreys fishmonger of Yarmouth, for a sum of money, of one piece of land in Yarmouth abutting common lane, rendering 14s. annually to seller File 1300
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