Wymondham Brewery Inventory list

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BR 157/2 Release by executors of late Revd John Papillon to William Robert Cann of 2 pieces of land on Chapelgate St., Wymondham File 6 Apr 1841
BR 157/3 Conveyance by trustees for sale under will of Robert Everett to William Robert Clarke of 1r. 21p. of land with barn, granary and stable abutting Back Lane and Friar's Lane, Wymondham. File 12 Dec 1849
BR 157/4 Copy of absolute surrender and deed of covenant for tithe on 2a.2r.4p. of land at Besthorpe by George Knight to Messrs. Cann and Clarke. File 22 Mar 1862
BR 157/6 Copyhold documents relating to land held of Wymondham Choselies by William Cann and predecessors. File 1804-1869
BR 157/7 Copyhold documents relating to land held of Wymondham Cromwells by William Cann and predecessors File 1810-1869
BR 157/10 Appointment by trustees of will of William Robert Clarke to Arthur A. W. Bailey of copyhold heridatements held of Wymondham Choselies, Grisaugh, Cromwells, Hethersett; Perishall in Bunwell; Mulbarton; Gissing Kemps with Dallings. With supporting copyhold admissions. File 30 Nov 1881
BR 157/14 Title deeds and supporting papers relating to White Lion beerhouse, Bridgham File 1873-1887
BR 157/12 Title deeds and papers re 1a. 3r. of Fairland Wymondham with 4 cottages, assigned by executors under will of John Stephenson Cann to Elijah Crosier Bailey 13th January 1882 after default of mortgage transferred to Cann by executors of Ann Plummer 10th October 1856. File 1796-1882
BR 157/16 Title deeds, mortgages, copyhold papers relating to Watton Brewery estate conveyed by Thomas Crawshay Frost to Crosier Bailey and others File 1891-1918
BR 157/1 Deed of co-partnership for Wymondham Brewery between William Cann, William Clarke, John Mitchell and Edward Clarke File 1 Jun 1824
BR 157/8 Copyhold documents relating to land held of Wymondham of the Queen by William Cann and predecessors File 1851-1869
BR 157/9 Copyhold documents relating to land held of Wymondham Grisaugh by William Cann, his father William Robert Cann, and predecessors File 1810-1869
BR 157/11 Conveyance of freehold estates and covenant to surrender copyhold estates of late firm of Cann and Clarke to William Cann and Elijah Crosier Bailey under will of late William Robert Cann 26 May 1876. File 1876-1894
BR 157/13 Conveyance by trustees of will of Elijah Crosier Bailey and others to Crosier Bailey, Arthur Bailey, John Cann Bailey and Leslie Bailey of public houses etc. File 1887, 1891
BR 157/15 Mortgages by William Robert Cann and William Robert Clarke on properties in Wymondham, Tivetshall, Gissing, Bridgham, Little Ellingham, Caston, Rockland. With transfers of mortgage and with reconveyance to Crosier Bailey and others. File 1837-1890
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