Will of Elizabeth White of Great Yarmouth and Miscellaneous Correspondence Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Y/D 27/62 Gideon Algernon Mantell (1790-1852, geologist), (London). Re new edition of his 'Wonders of Geology' File 1847
Y/D 27/65 James Brooke Pulham, London. Re his History of Dover File 1844
Y/D 27/2 J. H. Bunn File 1841
Y/D 27/4 F. Stanger, Wisbech (co. Cambridge). Re despatch of books. Ref. to (?) the Fitches at Norwich File nd
Colonel Sir John C. Cowell K.C.B. Sub-series 1833-1881
Y/D 27/9 Sir George Burrows (1801-1887, physician) and Sir William Jenner (1815-1898, physician), London. Re mental illness of Mr Pulleine File 1877
Y/D 27/14 Letter (incomplete, writer unidentified), dated from HMS 'Duke of Wellington' and describing the Battle of Sveaborg File 1855
Robert Fitch F.G.S., of Norwich Sub-series 1837-1862
Y/D 27/36 Ridley Haim Herschell (1807-1864, dissenting minister and author), Islington. Re sale of his publications, inc. a 'little Book on the Jews' File 1842
Y/D 27/39 Miss Johnson, Norwich File nd [post 1834]
A.W. Morant, (Yarmouth Borough Surveyor, antiquary) Sub-series 1857-nd [? 1863]
Y/D 27/42 Arthur (?) Arhpitel, (London). Re blazon of Cardinal Mazanni's arms File 1857
Y/D 27/45 Jabez Allies (1787-1856, antiquary), Worcester. Re ancient coins File 1844
Y/D 27/48 R. (?) Gresham, St Albans. Re Meeting File 1854
Y/D 27/51-52 J.G. Walker, [? London]. Preparation of printing blocks File nd
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