Wilkinson and Davies: Records of Paston Grammar School and North Walsham High School Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
WD 3 Governors' minutes File 1925-1936
WD 15, 384X6 Plan of estate purchased from Horatio E. Hamond. File nd
WD 20 Cash book File 1917-1933
WD 21 Treasurers' accounts File 1934-1952
WD 29 Register of mortgages File 1923-1932
WD 31, 384X7 Bank statements File 1942-1951
WD 38, 384X7 Short list of candidates for head mastership File nd [1946]
WD 44 Governors' minutes File 1920-1938
WD 45 Governors' minutes File 1938-1965
Tunstead and Sco Ruston Inclosure Series 1814-1820
WD 58(a), 478X8 Fragments of 19th century maps inc. of Barningham - Holt area File 19th century
WD 73 Rent account of the Hon. W.R. Rous File 1856-1882
WD 74 Rent account of W.J. Rous File 1883-1901
WD 78-79, 385X3 North Walsham farm accounts File 1860-1895
WD 83, 385X3 List of relations of Mary Colson, died intestate File 1892
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