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Walter Rye Collection


  • 1199-1929 (Produção)

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Born 31 October 1843 in Chelsea. Fourth son of Edward Rye (1803-1876), solicitor, and Maria Rye (?-1882). Grandson of Edward Rye of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk. Wife Georgina, adopted daughter of George Sturgess, who he married in 1870. Seven sons and three daughters. Siblings: Maria Susan Rye (1829-1903); Elizabeth Rye (1830-1916); Clara Louise Rye (1846-?); Francis Rye (1848-1884).
Mayor in 1908. Became a solicitor in 1866 and worked in his father's practice. A good sportsman, he was founder of the Thames Hare and Hounds and secretary of the London Athletic Club. Studied and transcribed Norfolk records. As a councillor he served on the Museum and Library Committee, 1904-1929. One of the first people to use a wherry as a pleasure craft on the Norfolk Broads. Secretary of the Broads Society. Also involved in the preservation and reconstruction of Anguish House, Bacon House, Lazar House and the Maid's Head Hotel, Norwich.
Wrote 'Norfolk Pedigrees', 'Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany', 'Calendar of Norwich Deeds'.

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A catalogue of all the Norfolk Manuscripts presented to the Norwich Public Libraries from time to time by the late Mr Walter Rye and of those bequeathed by him. The numbers of the Manuscripts which precede the entries are those used by Mr Rye, and up to 122 correspond to the numbers in the list of Manuscripts published in his 'Calendar of Norwich Deeds Enrolled, etc.' (1910), pp. 167-172. In 1889 Mr Rye published a descriptive and illustrated 'Catalogue of Fifty of the Norfolk Manuscripts in the Library of Mr Walter Rye, Winchester House, Putney'.

The sale catalogues referred to in the notes are as follows:

Catalogue of the Norris Manuscript Collections formed by Sir John Fenn, formerly the property of the Rt Honourable John Hookham Frere, sold by Christie, Manson and Woods, 31 July 1888; Catalogue of the Library of Printed Books and Manuscripts of John Tudor Frere, sold by Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge, 14 February etc. 1896; and Catalogue of the Antiquarian Library of G.A. Carthew, sold by Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge, 8 November 1883.

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The following manuscripts included in the list printed by Walter Rye in his 'Calendar of Norwich Deeds Enrolled' (1910), pp. 167-172, are not in the Walter Rye Collection at the Central Public Library, Norwich. The location of those which have been traced is as stated.

RYE 25 The Gawdy Papers. Now in the British Museum among the Egerton MSS.
RYE 36 Index to Norwich Poll Book, 1734. Included in RYE 91.
RYE 37 Index to Norfolk Poll Book, 1734. Included in RYE 91.
RYE 44 Monumental Inscriptions in the Hundred of Tunstead. Printed, see Rye Bibliography (1891).
RYE 45 Calendar of Feet or Fines, Cambridge. Printed, see Rye Bibliography (1891).
RYE 46 Calendar of Feet or Fines, Suffolk. Printed, see Rye Bibliography (1900).
RYE 47 Indexes to Printed Books. See RYE 140-148.
RYE 48 Index to Articles etc. concerning Norfolk Pedigrees. Printed, see Rye Bibliography (1896).
RYE 49 Index Rerum to Norfolk Antiquities. Printed, see Rye Bibliography (1899).
RYE 50 Index Nominum to Norfolk Inquisitions, etc. Printed, see Rye Bibliography (1892).
RYE 82 Roll containing the Articles of the Ringers of Norwich. Presented to St Peter Mancroft Church, Norwich.
RYE 83 Declaration of Freeholders and Others of Norfolk, 15 Oct 1819. Presented to the Norfolk County Club. See SO 128/30.
RYE 89 Harling Court Rolls. Not traced.
RYE 90, 100 Index to the J. Smith Collection of Prints. Not traced. See note under RYE 98.
RYE 116 Commonplace and Recipe Book: Ann Fincham, 6 July 1695, and John Browne, 9 April 1767. Not traced.
RYE 117 Recipe Book, 19th century. Not traced.

See also, MC series.

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