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Various Parishes


  • 13th century-17th century (Creation)

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This volume contains deeds which do not relate to the Townshend estates.

(1-4) Helhoughton
(1) Grant by Gilbert son of Richard de Cholkirke to Haustorg' prior of Horsham and the monks there, of 6a. of land in the fields of Helhoughton held of Radulf son of William de Helghetune, [early 13th century] (1 parchment)
(2) Quitclaim in her widowhood by Alice who was wife of Walter de Bernardeston to John son of Henry de Helweton of right in half acre meadow at Suthmedwe in Helhoughton, Thurlow (Suff.), 15 Sep 1331 (1 parchment)
(3) Grant by Henry Atemor, chaplain, to John his brother and Isabel his wife, of the part of his messuage in Helhoughton that he had from his father Richard as it lay between the chamber and the solar and the solar ditch and the highway, 1336-1337 (1 damaged parchment)
(4) Mortgage by which John son of Henry de Helgheton granted to John son of Beatrice Lusshebon a piece of land lying in the fields of Helhoughton at Casdyk for 7 marks, 2 Nov 1345 (1 parchment)
(5-11) King's Lynn, North Lynn, Gaywood and Clenchwarton
(5) Grant in pure alms by Walter son of Richard Blakman of Lynn to the church of St Margaret of Lynn and the monks there for transgression of tithes and the health of his soul and his forebears' souls of 6d. annual rent from the land that Ralph Collemen held of said Richard [29 and N3.1], [mid 13th century] (1 parchment)
(6) Grant by Adam de Gernemuta to the church of Holy Trinity of Norwich and the monks there of a capital messuage in Lynn and a saltern that was of the fee of Nicholas son of William, all his lands in Gaywood both in the marsh and the fields with homages, rents and services in Gaywood and Mintlyn and a foldsoke in Gaywood with liberty of bull and boar, and the messuage, lands and rents held in dower by Ailchot daughter of Laurence de Lincolne; the rents that Geoffrey his brother the anchorite of Crabhus held ecepted, [mid 13th century] (1 parchment)
(7) Acknowledgment by Beatrice formerly wife of Richard de Geyton that she owed the altar of St Margaret's church 2s yearly rent that Stephen de Beluaco formerly agreed to pay from a land in length from the Pusflet to Morland and in breadth from land that was Clement the tawer's (alutarii) to the common way, [mid/late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(8) Grant by Walter son of Simon Bette of South Clenchwarton and Catherine his wife, daughter of Angerum de Bedeford ,to the brothers of penitence of Jesus Christ dwelling in Lynn of land with buildings in le Northyrne lying between the friars' dwelling place and land that was Aleander Belloch's and in length from the highway to land that was Godfrey ?Senditch's, [late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(9) Quitclaim in her widowhood by Leviva who was wife of John the miller of Lynn to Sir Henry de Lakenham, prior, and the convent of the church of Holy Trinity of Norwich and Brother John de Broket, keeper of the church of St Margaret of Lynn, of right by reason of dower in a messuage near the capital messuage of Sir John de Beluaco and the highway. Pressmark B lviij. [late 13th century (1 parchment)
(10) Grant by Master Constantine of Lynn to Master Walter de Wigehal', his father, of land before the house that was Swift's near the church of St Margaret as he and Laurence the chaplain of Lynn held it. Master William de Tirington a witness [N3.13] Pressmark B.liij. [mid 13th century (1 parchment)
(11) Grant in perpetual servitude, for his soul's health and that of all the faithful deceased, by Walter son of Wlmer of the parish of St Edmund of North Lynn to the church of St Margaret of Lynn and the monks there of the lands called Redholm and (?)Finecroft, the land with a grove called Scaldehil in the parish of St Edmund of North Lynn, and 2a. called Burg in the fields of Clenchwarton. Pressmark Gvi [N3.12]. mid-late 13th century (1 parchment)
(12) Middleton, in the North Riding of Yorkshire
(12) Grant by Thomas son of William son of Serlo de Mydelton to John son of William son of Nigel of three selions in the field of Middleton, one two perches long at Dychebrec lying between the way of Bratkyn ne and the boundary of Bund', one at Grymdale near the way of Baynton and one at Lefayrhylle. Abuttals include the way of Kyblyncotes ne and the boundary of Northallerton. [mid-late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(13) Whissonsett
(13) Grant by Robert son of Godfrey Bulloc to John son of William de Pattesle of a piece of land in the field of Whissonsett near that of Sir Peter Boon, 12 Feb 1333 (1 parchment)
(14-17) Stanhoe
(14) Grant by John son of Reginald de Middilton to Hugh son of Simon Cok of Stanhoe of 7r. that he gave in echange for 1½a. in the field of Stanhoe at Nigenhowes near Wodegate. Sir Hervey de Stanhowe and Sir Roger son of Hugh among witnesses [O.19]. [late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(15) Grant by Agnes Hardi to John Wroughor junior of 3½r. in the fields of Stanhoe at (?)Hanescrofteshende [O58], 15 June 1358 (1 parchment)
(16) Grant by Adam son of John Marhc to Richard Aylene of 7a. ½ r. in seven pieces including a messuage with buildings and land at Longelond and Ballecrundel, [late 13th century] (1 damaged parchment)
(17) Copy of court roll of the manor of Stanhoe Easthall admitting William Radclyff, doctor of laws, and Henry Sergeaunt to a messuage with curtilage of 3½r. of Howmans tenement in diverse pieces in the field of Stanhoe abutting Ferteresgrene, on surrender of John Jekelyn, 1st Dec 1501 (1 parchment)
(18-25) Syderstone and Barmer
(18) Grant by John Pentyng to Edmund Athelwald and Edmund his son of a piece of 6a. in the field of Syderstone [X(d)2], 6 Dec 1338 (1 parchment)
(19) Grant by William Athelwald to Ed. Athelwald and Ed. his son of 6a. in Syderstone, 30 Aug 1338 (1 parchment)
(20) Grant by William son of Ralph de Shudgate to Henry son of Lambert of two pieces of land at Crokemer in the fields of Syderstone [Y(d)5], [early 13th century] (1 parchment)
(21) Grant by Walter the chaplain of Syderstone to Adam de Toftes and Katherine his wife of 1½a. in the field of Syderstone near path called Ouergatisty [Y(d)7], [late 13th century] (stained parchment)
(22) Grant by Matilda relict of Nicholas le Meyr to her daughter Helewys of 1a. at le Millewong in the fields of Syderstone near the way to Barmer [Y(d) 9], 10 Apr 1337 (1 parchment)
(23) Quitclaim by Walter son of Richard Hunte to Thomas Reyner, chaplain, John Drake of Bicham Tofts and Robert Caunceler of Kilverstone, of all his lands and the liberty of a fold in the fields of Syderstone and Barmer that John, Thomas and Richard had from Richard the father and Agnes his wife [Y(d) 10], 22 June 1377 (1 parchment)
(24) Demise by Olive widow of John Buntyng to Edmund Rightwys, Geoffrey Buntyng, and Thomas Manne, of a messuage and 14a. in diverse pieces in Syderstone that she and John bought from William Byschop of Wells, Thomas Semon and Richard Hyltun since deceased from Thomas Burgh, burgess of Lynn, on 16 Oct 1462. John Downe chaplain to deliver seisin [Y(d) 15]. 17 Apr 1484 (1 parchment)
(25) Etent of land occupied from Roger Touneshend in Syderstone by John Eton. Added, note of money 'at diuers tymes that the Lady Robsert hath had of me' [Y(d) 19], [c late 15th century] (1 paper)
(26-27) Quarles
(26) Quitclaim by Walter de Burgate of Quarles to Edmund Athelwald of South Creake of right in 2d. yearly rent from land called Popeslond and 7½d. rent from land called Edomgrave, 3 Feb 1336 (1 parchment)
(27) Quitclaim by Ranulph de Burgate of Quarles to Ed. Athelwald of right in 22d yearly rent that he was used to take of said Ed. in the vill and field of Quarles [YY.8], 10 Mar 1332 (1 parchment)
(28-33) Oulton and elsewhere
(28) Grant by Nicholas Kenyng of Blickling and Matilda his wife to John Broun of Oulton and Matilda his wife of one rood lying between closes and abutting the highway from Itteringham to Cawston Market [J.1], 15 May 1357 (1 parchment)
(29) Grant by William Broun of Oulton to Roger his son of messuage formerly John de Brinton's with wards, reliefs, marriages etc. with pasturage of beasts in the bruery adjoining the said messuage and seven pieces of arable land and nine of meadow in Oulton, Irmingland and Itteringham, 20 May 1399 (1 parchment)
(30) Grant by John Lystere of Itteringham to William Broun of Oulton of 1a. 3r. land in Oulton abutting Bishopcroft and 1a. abutting the bruery and Chawmorleynspytel [J.4], 25 Mar 1397 (1 parchment)
(31) Copy grant by Adam Colby, clerk of Wood Dalling, and Adam son of Richard of same to Simon son of John Pleasaunt of Thirning of messuage in Thirning and Wood Dalling formerly John Pleasaunt's, with reminder to Elizabeth wife of Thomas Bodham [J.5], 20 Apr 1348 (1 paper)
(32) Quitclaim by Agnes daughter of Aleander Ferying of Oulton to Beatrice, Katherine and Matilda, her sisters, of right in two acres of land in the field called Gosefeld in Oulton, 2 Mar 1330 (1 parchment)
(33) Grant by John Attbrigge of Salle to William Bele of same of half an enclosed pightle at Caleys in Salle near the common waterecourse from Cawston, the other half being in the hands of John Meleman [J.7], 4 June 1382 (1 parchment)
(34) Feltwell
(34) Bond obliging John and Edmund sons of John Secker, husbandman of Hockwold, to keep covenants in conveyance to Thomas Hall, husbandman of Feltwell, of one acre lately of Joan Holliers deceased, 15 June 1625 (1 parchment)
(35) Unlocated: not Norfolk
(35) Grant by John Dun, chaplain, to John son of Thomas son of Roger of 'Tistok' and Euline his wife daughter of Richard Dekin to Owin ap Od [T.16], 5 Oct 1395 (indented parchment)
(36-38) Thirning, Salle, Heydon and Oulton
(36) Demise by John Eston, clerk, John Otewy of Edgefield and John Corvyser, lately of Baconsthorpe, to Richard Talfas, Geoffrey Fuller of Hindolveston, John Ive of Guestwick and Edmund Oly senior of Guestwick, of 3a. of enclosed meadow with a piece of pasture adjoining in Thirning near the common stream (ripa), Conyvwe's bruery and the way from Holwode to Briston, had from John Astlee esq., Thomas Brygge gent., Richard Newton and Thomas Newton of Thirning. William Rust of Thirning to deliver seisin, 26 May 1461 (1 parchment)
(37) Quitclaim by Gregory Clerke, citien of Norwich, and Agnes his wife, daughter of Alan Roos lately of Salle deceased, to Richard Aldrych senior, notary public of Heydon, Joan his wife, Stephen Multon, clerk, Thomas Cosyn, William Jekkes, chaplain, and William Fuller of Great Walsingham, heirs and assigns of said Alan, of closes called Styntonpyghtels and other closes containing 12a. that were Geoffrey Boleyn's near [-]bysbrigge in Salle and Heydon; all the said Alan's lands in fields called Tweyte and Tweytroo in Salle; 6a. 3r. arable in the fields of Salle; 1r. on way from Stylehowsgat to Steynwade; 3a. called Longlond; 1a. 3r. called Makeswong; 1a. 3r. in two pieces near Nekkesclos opposite le Moote; close of 4a. called Brunker with ditch in field called Steynwade in Salle; and 3r. enclosed there, 15 Dec 1465 (1 parchment)
(38) Grant by Claricia Spynk of Oulton to Thomas Spynk and Matilda his wife of half an acre at Spynkestoft in Oulton, 24 May 1383 (1 parchment)
(39) Quitclaim of actions by Lady Joan Hyngulthrop and Geoffrey Downes to Thomas Baskervyle. Signed Clyfford. 27 Aug 1470 (1 parchment)
(40-41) Tittleshall
(40) Grant by William Wrth of Scarning, son of John Wrth of Wendling, brother of William Wrth late of Tittleshall, to Margaret wife of William Hewes, John Mannyng and Thomas Gros of Tittleshall, of 7a. of arable land in Tittleshall near Wellyngham gate, Ingemerebotme, Shortlond and Heygate, had with John Skerndell and John Mareot from John Bernard of East Raynham, John Wadmode and John Dewe of Tittleshall, 20 Sep 1479 (1 parchment)
(41) Acknowledgment by Thomas Morse of Tittleshall, son of Richard Morse gent. deceased, of obligation to pay his father's eecutor Richard Bolter gent., of South Creake, £40 yearly until a mortgage was cleared [G3.8], 20 Apr 1613 (1 paper)
(42-47) Gaywood
(42) Grant by William son of Thomas the clerk of Gaywood (Geywdia) to Alice de Gernem' of a land (terra) in the marsh of Gaywood called Lambechotehil [E.9], [late 12th century] (1 parchment)
(43) Grant by Alice de Freeston to Thomas Leef and Asceline his wife of a messuage 34 ft broad and 84 ft long [Y(c)4], 30 June 1342 (1 parchment)
(44) Grant by Saleyn' relict of William Faber to her daughter Mabillia of a messuage with buildings [Y(c)5], 1 Nov 1329 (1 parchment)
(45) Grant in her widowhood by Margaret lately wife of Roger Galyon deceased, burgess of Lynn, to Seman Masham, dwelling in Gaywood and the heirs of his body, of all her lands in the field of Gaywood, with remainder to William Masham, chaplain, 13 Aug 1421 (1 parchment)
(46) Quitclaim by Margaret Seman, lately wife of Seman Masham (sic), to John Masham of Gaywood, Henry Bataly, clerk, and John Neel, clerk, of a messuage with croft and 18 acres of land and pasture abutting the common green and 18a. land and pasture in diverse places in the field of Gaywood, 13 Nov 1457 (1 parchment)
(47) Demise by John Masham alias Seman to Robert Kyrkeby of 8 acres land and pasture in the fields of Gaywood in diverse pieces, including one near le gravyll pyttes, one near Myllond and one called Wragg's acre in the field of the prior of Lynn [Y(c)8], 28 Aug 1467 (1 parchment)
(48) Egmere
(48) Grant by William son of John Athelwald senior to Gode de Thornham of a messuage and 50 acres and 10 acres of the land formerly of John le Bret in Egmere that Gode held of William by service of one eighth part of a knight's fee and service of 5¼d. in ward of Norwich castle yearly at the end of 30 weeks and the service of finding a man with a horse, bag and ?flawn (fulce) for 40 days to do service for his barony in war at his own cost if the bishop demand it of the said William, ecepting the rent to be paid by Gode to Richard de la Rokele for the said tenement and the suit made by him to the hundred of North Greenhoe and the City of Norwich [Z(f)], ? c 26 Feb 1318 (1 parchment)
(49) Swaffham
(49) Grant by Nicholas dominus de Hulmo (lord of Holme [?Hale]) to John Robertes, Matilda his wife and John his son, of 1½a. of arable land in the field of Swaffham [Z(h)], 27 June 1339 (1 parchment)
(50-52) East and North Barsham and Waterden
(50) Grant by William son of Gilbert de ?Thelp of East Barsham to Ralph son of Henry of East Barsham of 1a. near Westegate in the fields there had from Richard his brother [Z(h)], [mid-late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(51) Grant by William son of Robert de Waterden, chaplain, to his brother Geoffrey of twelve pieces of land that were his father's in Waterden and North Barsham at Hundewong, Northwellegat', Neyrwro, Howishil, Huntiscroft, Asgerishowe, Gongate, Elwinescrundel and Brodland. Residue of holdings in Waterden quitclaimed to William [Z(m)1], [late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(52) Grant by Thomas Sefoull esq. to James Heyward of North Barsham, John Jeclowe of Egmere, Thomas Colard of Little Walsingham and John Heyward junior, of messuage and 20a. in the field of North Barsham in the Westgate and near messuage called Bynhams, to use of said James [Z(m)2], 31 Jan 1497 (1 parchment)
(53-71) Various Norfolk parishes
(53) Grant by John Warde 'de Suthwelle de Colkyrk' to William Crufte of Whissonsett and William son of Robert de [?]Sutton of two pieces of arable land in the field of Colkirk, one near the common and the other near the way to Owick, 17 Apr 1335 (1 parchment)
(54) Grant by William Kelle and Emma his wife to Ralph Caupas of a piece of land at Hoye in the field of [Pudding] Norton, ? 12 Aug 1294 (1 parchment)
(55) Grant by Simon Baret of Heacham to Simon rector of a moiety of the church of Little Ringstead of 1a. of land in le Dounes in Little Ringstead. Heacham, 11 Nov 1358 (1 parchment)
(56) Appointment by John son of Robert Halle of Thomas Aburney to deliver seisin to Robert Armerere of Bodney and Thomas Abbott of Tottington of all the lands, tenements, feedings and folds he had from his father (place not stated) [Z(r)], 5 Mar 1474 (1 parchment)
(57) Grant by William Dikeman to John Peteweyn, chaplain of Stanford, and Mariota de Berford of all his messuages, lands and tenements in the fields of Tottington, Stanford and Little Buckenham and half a fold in Tottington [Z(t)1], 20 June 1339 (1 parchment)
(58) Grant by John Plomer of Stanford to Geoffrey (?)Farewell of same of one acre arable in Little Buckenham near Grenegate and Mundefordeweye [Z(t)4], 11 June 1382 (1 parchment)
(59) Grant by Geoffrey de Wood Norton, rector of the church of St Margaret of Westwick, Norwich, to Christiana daughter of Peter de (?)Basingham of Norwich, of 6d. rent from his messuage in said parish near the churchyard, 31 Jan 1334 (1 parchment)
(60) Licence granted by Robert de Reppes knight to John le Warner of Bircham to enfeoff John, prior of Coford, and the convent, in a messuage of his fee in Grimston net their messuage there, East Rudham, 28 Mar 1339 (1 parchment)
(61) Note of Thomas Beaumont's holding in Toftrees, [17th century] (1 paper)
(62) Bond of [-] Townshend esq. of Raynham as surety of [-] debtor to Clement Hyrne, ironmonger of Norwich, [late 16th century] (1 damaged parchment)
(63) Illegible final concord, Stiffkey, 1611-1612 (1 damaged parchment)
(64) Petition, in French, to the crown of Thomas son of Edmund de Reynham knight seeking lands and tenements in Burnham and Setch of which William his brother, convicted of treason, was enfeoffed, [14th century-15th century] (1 parchment)
(65) Agreement between the priory of Sempringham and that of Coford by which the tithes of Burnham Thorpe St Andrew were remitted to Coford, 1244 (1 indented parchment, incomplete)
(66) Feoffment by Edmund son of John de Helgetun to (illegible) of a piece of land (endorsement says seven acres) at ?Heylineacres, 1336-1337 (indented parchment)
(67) Grant by Simon Wodewale to Nicholas Bonde of (illegible) arable land dispersed in the field of Stanhoe including at Crosgat, 22 Sep 1345 (1 parchment)
(68) Quitclaim by Roger son of Richard Sleyt of Barwick and Alice his wife to Edmund Adelwald of South Creake of right in 3r. of land of the bruery and a foldsoke in the field of Barwick, 1 Aug 1312 (1 parchment)
(69) Bond obliging William Sutton gent. of Snetttisham to deliver possession and evidences of Foes manor in Barwick, Barmer and Stanhoe, long in the possession of Robert Drury gent., to Thomas Thorysby burgess of Lynn, 20 Mar 1494 (1 parchment)
(70) Grant by Francis Woodhowse esq. of Great Breccles, Roger Townshend esq., Henry Woodhowse, Thomas Tymperley esq., Francis Spelman esq. of London, Miles Corbett esq., Thomas ?Badby esq., and Henry Blake gent., for love of his wife Margaret only daughter of Henry Repps esq. and Dorothy his wife, of his manors in Great Breccles, the patronage of the rectory there, and appurtenances in Great and Little Breccles, Shropham, Hockham, Thompson, Caston and Stow (Bedon), 26 Oct 1571 (1 parchment)
(71) Grant by John son of Isabel de Ormesby to William de Holueston of ½a. land in the field of Ormesby near the land of the master of Norman's hospital, Castretorph (West Caister) [B.2], 22 June 1348 (1 parchment)
(72-73) Probably Herefordshire
(72) Grant by Walter de Say to Roger son of William de Waleys of Herford of half a virgate in the vill of Welington that Walter the reeve formerly held, to hold to him and the heirs he would have by Emma daughter of Adam son of Richard de Weclington. If there are no such heirs one moiety is to be given to whoever William wishes and the other to whoever Emma wishes, with promise not to involve them in pleas unless in the vill of (?)Sunestoke. [B.1]. [mid 13th century] (1 parchment)
(73) Grant by Richard le Sweyn of Wetlynton to his eldest son William of all his lands with housebote and haybote in the wood of Hambury, and meadows, feedings and pasture in the vill and fields of Wetlynton [B.4], 7 Feb 1333 (1 parchment)
(74-85) Various Norfolk parishes
(74) Grant in pure alms by Thomas son of Godard de Middilthon to [the convent] of Blackborough of 8½ acres near Hespergate in the vill of Middleton and one acre near Hardineshevedlond, [late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(75) Final concord, Edward Parse querent and Edward Hulpecke deforciant, re messuage, 2 barns, 7a. land, 5a. meadow and 7a. pasture in Baghurst (unlocated), 1628 (1 parchment)
(76) Eemplification from Domesday Book at request of the inhabitants and tenants of Swaffham, Narford, South and North Pickenham, Pagrave, Foulden and Great Cressingham [130], 12 Feb 1656 (1 parchment)
(77) Grant by Thomas, earl of Norfolk, by special grace and with the consent of his men, to John de Hales of leave to enclose with a ditch a meadow of 7a. called Bataillemedwe in Thwaite near the way from Broome to Hedenham and the water dividing Ditchingham and Thwaite, in which the earl and his men of Thwaite and Ditchinghham claimed to common after the hay was carried until the purification of Our Lady (2 Feb), Bungay [B.8], 26 Dec 1467 (1 parchment)
(78) Feoffment by Robert Jaques, husbandman, to Robert Nelson, singleman of Sandringham, brother of the late Francis Nelson, of one acre in the Parkefeld in West Bradenham, 27 June 1626 (1 parchment)
(79) Grant by Humphrey Guybon esq. of Lynn and his wife Alice to Thomas Guybon gent., his son, of all their lands in West and North Lynn, Clenchwarton, Tilney, Terrington and elsewhere in Marshland, in consideration of an annuity of £50. Many other conditions. 1 Jan 1578 (1 parchment)
(80) Quitclaim by George Nicholls esq. of Saffron Walden, Esse, to Humphrey Guybon esq. of King's Lynn, of two messuages in West Lynn in a marsh called Purfleet Streat lately occupied by George Panke and William Cooke, 6 Dec 1589 (1 parchment)
(81) Agreement between Humphrey Guybon esq. of North Lynn and Sir Phillip Woodhouse knight and bart. of Kimberley and John Barney gent. of London for sale by Guybon of si messuages in Clenchwarton and Tilney lately of Guybon's father Thomas, 26a. of land, meadow, pasture and marsh ground in Clenchwarton, Tilney and Terrington, and 120a. land, meadow pasture and marsh ground called Inmarshe and Outmarshe in North Lynn, 20 Oct 1611 (1 parchment)
(82) Final concord between same parties re same estate, 1611 (1 parchment)
(83) Conveyance for purposes of a common recovery by Humphrey Guybon esq. of North Lynn to Nicholas Herne esq. of Arminghall, John Barney gent. of London, and Robert Leman, yeoman of Bintry, as feoffees, of his estate in North Lynn, West Lynn, Clenchwarton, Tilney and Terrington, 28 Mar 1612 (1 parchment)
(84) Demise by John Hawtry esq. of Ruislip, Middlese, to Dame Mary widow of Sir John Bankes, of messuage called the Placehouse in two moieties and lands (described) in West and North Lynn and Clenchwarton including the advowson of North Lynn and a tenement called the Old Swan, leased on 20 Dec 1638 by the Crown to Hawtry, Sir George Corbett and Roger Corbett gent., 20 Apr 1654 (1 parchment)
(85) Assignment by Hawtry to John Platt, clerk of Westbrooke place, Godalming, Surrey, 11 Mar 1668 (1 parchment)

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