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  • 13th century-16th century (Creation)

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(1-5) Barmer
(1) Grant by Reginald son of Ralph de Bermer to Richard son of William de Backetorp of 1a. in fields of Barmer at Croshous, [early 13th century] (1 parchment)
(2) Grant in pure alms by Martin de Beremere to the church of St Mary of Rudham and the canons serving God there of the homage and allegiance of Luke son of Ralph de Bermere with his holding and his whole suit, [early 13th century] (1 parchment)
(3) Grant by John son of Thomas de Beremere to Robert de la Launde of Lynn of a piece of land in the fields of Barmer near the way from Barmer to Creake, [late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(4) Grant by Petronilla Swethlok to Adam son of Simon le Ropere of a piece (also described as a place) of land measuring 12 by 14ft abutting her house (dated day of Augustine bishop 6 Edward the younger), [? 26 May 1313] (1 parchment)
(5) Grant by Robert at the town's end and Alice his wife to Adam son of John de Tylneye of 3½r. in the fields of Barmer, 16 June 1392 (1 parchment)
(6-7) Barwick
(6) Grant by Cecily Barnard widow of Barwick to John Barnesdell of same, Thomas Baxster and Henry Sariaunt of Stanhoe, Robert Feluppe and John Barnesdell of Barwick, and Thomas Cowpar and Thomas Bate of Stanhoe, of 2½a. in fields of Barwick, partly in croft of her messuage called Clarkes and partly in the east field of Barwick at Lampitt near way from Midylton to Creake, 15 Mar 1515 (1 parchment)
(7) Grant by Math. son of William de la Marche of Stanhoe to Richard (?son of) William de Midelton of messuage in street (vico) called Midelton and 7a. 2r. of which abuttals included Wdegate, Mideltonesende and Northmanesdele; and one penny rent from moiety of messuage and croft of John Molard, [late 13th century] (1 faded parchment)
(8-9) Burnham
(8) Grant in pure alms, for the soul of his father and all faithful departed, by Henry Capelein to St Mary and the canons of Coxford of half the church of St Mary of Burnham with the advowson, his father having given half the advowson, [12th century] (1 parchment)
(9) Grant by Peter son of Febrond the clerk of Burnham Thorpe to Ralph Faber son of Emma de Burnham his grandson (nepos), with power to sell except to a religious house, of a piece of land in the field of Burnham Thorpe que iacet in transverso uie regie, [12th century] (1 parchment)
(10-17) Docking
(10) Grant by William Davy of Stanhoe to Robert Gunwelle of same of 2a. arable land in the field of Docking near way from Docking to Burnham including one piece near land called Rysyng [VV.5], 7 Apr 1408 (1 parchment)
(11) Quitclaim in her widowhood by Cecily relict of Nicholas Sway of Docking to John Cok of Stanhoe of right by reason of dower in 3a. land in two pieces in the field of Docking, one at Gosewong near the highway from ?Middleton to Docking and the other abutting the parish boundary stone (lapidem purellam) [VV.6], 1294-5 (1 parchment)
(12) Mortgage in form of grant for term of 1,000 years by Hugh de Thorn to Roger Sleengede of Stanhoe of 2a. arable land in the field of Docking in Westeredele, repayment to begin on 24 June 1322 and reversion to grantor on payment of 50 shillings [VV.7], c 1322 (1 parchment)
(13) Grant by Hugh son of Richard Franke of Docking to William son of Christina de Docking of 1¾p. in the field of Docking near highway from Docking to Middelton and Wodegate, and the falsoken that he had in the name of his father in the vill and fields of Docking, rendering yearly a clove of gillyflower. Tuesday before St Ed. 9 Edward [VV.8], [?1280-1] (1 parchment)
(14) Grant by Walter de Calethorp to John Dankyn of Heacham of the wardship and marriage of Thomas son of Thomas Trystrem, claimed in respect of 9 acres of land in Docking that Thomas senior had held Sunday before St Luke [-] Edward III, 14th century (1 parchment)
(15) Grant by Laurence Gyn of Stanhoe to Roger de Nortune dwelling there of 1a. 1r. in field of Docking 'apud West vnder ye lig' apud Choslesty', ?24 Sep 1310 (1 parchment)
(16) Grant by Robert Aylone of Stanhoe to Roger Slugge of 1a. 1r. in fields of Docking at Stanhowehyl, 1 Dec 1307 (1 parchment)
(17) Grant by Ralph son of John le Taverner to John March of Stanhoe of 1a. 1r. in two pieces and one fifth part of a foldsoke in the fields of Docking formerly of John Taverner his father, on Stanhohill and near land that Robert de Hecham chaplain held to farm of Sir William la South, 9 Apr 1321 (1 parchment)
(18) Griston
(18) Grant by Thomas de Risigge of Griston to Andrew de Nethergate of 'Stanworde' (?Stanford) and Robert Bray of same of three half acres of his arable land in furlong called Wynescroft near Druriis Hevedlon[d], 16 Dec 1322 (1 parchment)
(19-21) Oxwick
(19) Quitclaim by William ?Rus of Oxwick, chaplain to Ralph de Oxewic, chaplain, of right in one penny rent from a piece of land in the fields of Oxwick at Russielond formerly of Alice, William's sister, who held it of him. Richard the writer of the deed a witness, [mid 13th century] (1 parchment)
(20) Grant by Nicholas Syger, parson of the church of Colkirk, to William, vicar of the churches of Weasenham, Richard, parson of the church of Oxwick, Thomas Gefrey of same and John de Dockyngg and the male heirs of his body of two messuages, a croft, and six acres of land (one of them with a ditch) in four pieces in Oxwick and one pasture meadow (pratum pasturale) in Colkirk. Abuttals in Oxwick include the churchyard, Blakelond, and Woderoues and in Colkirk the highway from Colkirk to Toftrees. He also conveys his tenants by the rod and their bodies, sequel, goods and chattels, the homage and service of free tenants with wards, reliefs etc., the advowson of Oxwick church, foldage, and free bull and boar. 1338-1339 (1 damaged parchment)
(21) Copy quitclaim by Robert Barsham gent., son of Thomas Barsham gent. deceased, to Thomas his brother, of right in messuage built and 3 acres formerly Harrington's on way called Castlemere, a cottage called Gentletchere, and a messuage called Veuteres, in Oxwick, bequeathed to the younger Thomas by the elder and excepted from conveyance of 20 April 1588 to John Athow gent. and Dorothy his wife (later Dorothy Athow widow of Brisley), whose daughter Mary Robert married, of the manor called Sigars in Oxwick, 3 July 1609 (paper)
(22-24) Syderstone
(22) Grant in her widowhood by Katerina formerly wife of Roger son of John de Sitisterne to Ed. Adelwald of South Creake, Margery his wife and James their son, of a piece of land in the field of Syderstone at le Howe. South Creake [VV.2], 20 Apr 1316 (1 parchment)
(23) Grant by Martin de Sithesterne son of Robert de Wyrkesope to Gilbert son of John de (?)Fakenham of 1a. 1r. in three pieces in the fields of Syderstone at Saybaldeswong, Hamerhil and Hosepit, [late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(24) Grant by William Godewyne of Sidsterne to William his son of a piece of arable land of four acres at Bermeregate, 19 June 1322 (1 parchment)
(25-45) Stanford
(25) Grant by William de Bray to Robert son of John de Stanford of 2a. arable land in the fields of Stanford, paying ½d. to 20s. scutage when it arises, [early 13th century] (1 parchment)
(26) Grant by William de Mortuo Mari knight of Attleborough to Costantin his son of the manor of Stanford with fair and market, rendering to him £30 yearly. Witnesses include Guy Butturt and Alexander de Elinham knights and Master John de Huntingf', [mid-late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(27) Grant by Thomas le Bray and Edith his wife to Nicholas their son of lands, tenements and meadows amounting to 15a. of arable land and 3a. of meadow which at any time he or they had acquired according to charters of acquisition, which charters or muniments are to be kept by Nicholas at his peril, 17 Nov 1307 (1 parchment)
(28) Grant by William Carre, perpetual vicar of the church of Stanford, to Edmund Hamald and Roger Smalhac of a messuage built in the vill of Stanford, 24 Nov 1361 (1 parchment)
(29) Grant by John Sherere jun. to Adam Hunne of 3 pieces of arable land of 2½ a., 1a. and ½ a. in Millegate furlong, near Lampittes and in Lyngfurlong, 17 Mar 1381 (parchment`)
(30) Extent of lands held in villeinage by John Heryng of Stanford, 1388-1389 (1 parchment)
(31) Grant by Philip Sherere to Isabel his daughter of 6½a. scattered in the field of Langford, at Langford Hend and Holgate, 24 Oct 1408 (1 parchment)
(32) Quitclaim by Robert Halle to William Orfford, rector of the church of Shipdham, of right in land 'de Blaksmythis' in the fields of Stanford, 5 Feb 1461 (1 parchment)
(33) Agreement between Robert Smyth and Robert Halle and Agnes his wife that if Smyth grants one third part of a close called le Howe Bokynhams and 15a. in Stanford, and one third of a foldage, then the Halles will grant a messuage built in Stanford on le Westrete near le Brentzerd. If the Halls' son John makes claim or trouble Smyth is to re-enter, 12 Apr 1461 (1 parchment)
(34) Grant by Robert Smyth, clerk of Starston, to Robert Halle of Stanford and William [O]rford, clerk, of a close with dovehouse and 49a. 1r. arable land formerly John Greve's with liberty of one fold enclosed to the same, one third part of a close formerly Hugh de Bokenham's, one third of 71a. in Stanford and Little Buckenham, and liberty of a fold formerly of said Hugh, that Smyth and Thomas Bryn[-]ham had with William Sewale of Starston from John Mortoft of Itteringham on 22 Feb 30 Henry VI 'ex facto et non de iure Regis Anglie', 1452, 4 Oct 1461 (1 parchment)
(35) Grant by John Boor clerk, parson of the church of All Saints of Fransham, son of John Boor of Stanton, to John Smyth, Robert his son, Richard Methewold gent. of Langford, and William Bally of close called Townyshendyerd with croft of 6½a., 6a. in divers places in the fields of Stanford and 3s. 3½d. rent from his tenants (listed) there, 28 Oct 1460 (1 parchment)
(36) Agreement between Robert Halle and William Bally, Bally having sold to Halle a messuage built lately Robert Bally's and 11a. 1½r. arable land, that the conveyance will be void on failure of Halle to pay 13 marks at the rate of 13s. 4d. (one mark) yearly, 28 Sep 1467 (1 parchment)
(37) Receipt acknowledged by Simon Braye of Thetford and William Braye of London from William Thaxter of Stanford of 8 marks for all lands and tenements that were John Braye's then his son Simon's, 16 Sep 1493 (1 parchment)
(38) Demise by Henry Smithson, clerk, to Robert Halle of Stanford and Henry Heydon knight, Humphrey Catisby gent., James Swetman, citizen of London and fishmonger, John Bukton of Wilton, and Simon (?)Dasney of Mundford, of all lands, tenements etc. that were Andrew Grevys' of Buckenham lying in the fields of Stanford and Little Buckenham, had from Robert Halle on 20 Dec 1475, 20 Dec 1499 (1 parchment)
(39) Demise by Robert Halle of Stanford to Henry Smethson, clerk, of tenements, meadows, feedings, pastures, folds, rents and services formerly of Andrew Grevys of Buckenham in the fields of Stanford and Little Buckenham had 6 Nov 1498 from Isabella Plomer dwelling in Ely deceased, 20 Dec 1499 (1 parchment)
(40) Feoffment by Thomas Turnor of Stanford to his son Robert Turnor of Watton and Thomas Anger, to use of Thomas Turnor, of all his lands and tenements in Stanford had with Agnes lately wife of John Turnour and John Skynner now deceased from Thomas Pollard on 10 May 1486, 4 May 1502 (1 parchment)
(41) Demise by Thomas Jermyn esq. of Rushbrooke, Suff., and Robert Sexten of Lavenham to Henry Rolfe of West Tofts, Henry Symson, clerk, and William Racke of lands, tenements, rents and services had with William Rolffe of West Tofts deceased by gift of William Berfford and Thomas [illegible] on 1 April 1507, to hold to Henry Rolfe's use. William Purdy of West Tofts to deliver seisin, 6 Feb 1518 (1 parchment)
(42) Grant by John Maryett of Croxton to Christopher Clerk, clerk of Stanford, of messuage built and 2a. 2r. land in Stanford had from William Rolfe of West Tofts, Robert Thaxter of Stanford and William Clement now deceased from Robert Pollard of Watton on 2 Jan 1511, 27 Apr 1536 (1 parchment)
(43) Appointment by John Wyngfeld esq. of his cousin Francis Noone gent. of Gray's Inn and Thomas Brumball his (Wyngfeld's) servant as attorneys to dispose for him of his lands, sell his sheep and other movables and generally to act for him, 10 Dec 1540 (1 parchment)
(44) Appointment by Nicholas Bacon esq. of Christopher Clarke, clerk, and James Fa[-], yeoman, as attorneys in respect of a piece of meadow or marsh called Rushe meadow that he acquired from Richard Southwell knight on 1 Jan 1555, 6 June 1555 (1 parchment)
(45) Bond obliging Thomas Hamerton, woollendraper of Horncastle, Lincs., to ensure quiet possession to Margaret Clarke widow in a messuage and 3a. 2r. in Stanford, 24 Oct 1557 (1 parchment)
(46-47) Horningtoft
(46) Copy of court roll of the manor of Horningtoft admitting John Hunt and Joan his wife to 4a. 8p. in a close of tenement Gell, three roods with a messuage built of tenement Nicholas Rabet, 3r. of tenement Aleynis and 3r. of tenement Gilberdys on surrender of William Jerveys, 3 Jan 1426 (1 parchment)
(47) Grant by Hamon Burt of Wastunnisham (Waxham) to Adam son of Thomas Berisfot of Horningtoft of one acre lying in the field of Horningtoft against the cultura of (Sir cancelled) Thomas Burt called Berwe. Sir Hamon de Patisle a witness, [mid 13th century] (1 parchment)
(48-52) Weasenham
(48) Grant by William de Reynham to Alan Buket of Weasenham of a piece of land in fields of Weasenham at Mydelestmere and near Edward Wastel's foreland, with covenant against sale to religious or Jews [B3.3], [late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(49) Grant by William son of Adam Stonhard to John [-], Ralph son of Adam [-] of [-] in fields of Weasenham, 11 July 1349 (1 damaged parchment)
(50) Quitclaim by Basilia formerly wife of Alan Buket to Cecily her daughter of right by reason of dower of a piece of land at Middelstmer, 23 June 1308 (1 parchment)
(51) Grant by Adam Takon of Walsingham to Richard Shwyk of Shernborne, William Stapilton of Helhoughton, John Rous, clerk, and William Fyncham of Rougham of two acres, a headland, in the field of Weasenham at Miclemere, had from John Wayte of Tittleshall, 23 Dec 1426 (1 parchment)
(52) Grant by William de Westwik to Adam Stonhard of a piece of arable land in the fields of Weasenham at Pilcherisgore and near [?Bird]wongsti, 28 Oct 1329 (1 parchment)
(53-61) Whissonsett and elsewhere
(53) Grant by William Cusyn of Raynham to Ralph Prenc and Alice his wife of 1a. 2r. at Somerles croft in the fields of Wellingham and 1r. at Typpokesheflond (sic) in field/s of Raynham, 23 Oct 1371 (1 parchment)
(54) Grant by Alan de Beteryng, burgess of Lynn Episcopi, to his daughter Margaret of all his lands and tenements in Lynn and Whissonsett [ZZ.1], 23 Apr 1338 (1 parchment)
(55) Grant by Adam son of Thomas Beresfot, both of Horningtoft, to Roger his brother of four pieces of land in the fields of Horningtoft and Whissonsett at Langefurlong and near Morgate, with payments (specified) to the chief lords of the fee, Thomas Burt, the prior de stagno (sic) and Reginald son of John. Sir Thomas Burt and Sir Peter Buzun witnesses [ZZ.7], [mid-late 13th century] (1 parchment)
(56) Grant by Thomas Burt of Horningtoft to James son of Henry de Hamo of Whisonsett and Petronilla his wife of 1a. 1r. in one piece in the fields of Whissonsett at Morgate, paying ¼d. to scutage when it comes, [mid 13th century] (1 parchment)
(57) Grant by Richard Edrich of Godwick to Peter de Wissingset, clerk, of three roods near Berch in the field of Whissonsett, 7 Nov 1300 (1 parchment)
(58) Grant by Richard of Dunmowe and Matilda his wife to Peter de Wissingsete, clerk, and Katherine his wife, of a piece of land in the field of Whissonsett at Pywesmor near Aldemorgate. Godwick, 30 May 1295 (1 parchment)
(59) Grant by Thomas Frere and Katherine his wife to Henry Maynard of Whissonsett of a messuage and of two acres of arable land in one piece in the field of Whissonsett [ZZ.14], 9 Nov 1393 (1 parchment)
(60) Copy of court roll of the manor of Whissonsett granting to William Grygge 1a. [?of tenement] Mylkesdropys and Gur[?nan]tes and afterwards William at Howe's, decayed and in the hands of the lord for many years, 1450-1451 (1 parchment)
(61) Grant by Agnes Smyth of Oxwick to Nicholas Esselot and Robert Gylbe of same of a piece of land in the field of Whissonsett, 27 May 1397 (1 parchment)

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