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Forncett Sub-series 1575-1671
NAS 1/1/26/2 Report by John Hill auditor and note by John Fortescue recommending the grant of the office of bailiff to Knyvett during the Queen's pleasure. File 1598
NAS 1/1/26/3-4 Letters from Hill to Knyvett about the same. File 1598
NAS 1/1/26/10 Forncett St Peter rate valuation with separate section for Ketlestone End. File 1671
NAS 1/1/26/11 Copy letter from Baron Edward Flowerdew to Sir Arthur Heveningham charging him with overstocking Ketteringham common and other misdemeanors. File 1582
NAS 1/1/26/12-17 Letters from Sir Arthur Heveningham to Sir Thomas Knyvett requesting his vote and interest in Shire elections, 1593 and 1596, and concerning a plea of debt of £120 brought by Knyvett as Flowerdew's executor, 1596; on subsidy relief, 1599; about candidacy in Shire election in opposition to Francis Lovell, 1603. File 1593-1603
NAS 1/1/26/24-25 Letters from Mary Heveningham to Lady Knyvett on marriage negotiation. File 1603
NAS 1/1/26/8 Statement describing scuffle between Edmund Crane and Richard Pullyn because of Crane washing his fishing net in a pit where Pullyn took his household water, after which Pullyn died. File 1630
Heveningham-Knyvett Letters Sub-series 1582-1618
NAS 1/1/26/1 Extract from manor court roll recording letting to farm for term of 40 years to Robert Cocke and John Gallard of demesne land or pasture called Bromewood enclosed with hedges and ditches near Bromewoodbayes. File 1575
NAS 1/1/26/5-7 Egg, hen and capon rental of said manor, 1599, and undated summary rental. File 1599
NAS 1/1/26/18 Letter from Heveningham to Lady (Muriel) Knyvett on the unsuitability of an alehouse keeper as a bailiff. File 1606
NAS 1/1/26/19-23 Letters from John Heveningham to Sir Thomas Knyvett, and one to Lady Knyvett, on arragements with the Heralds' Office about Sir Arthur's funeral and the affairs of 'that good old knight' Sir William Paston at his death including the retention of John Jermy as steward to the Paston estate. File 1610-1611
NAS 1/1/26/9 Forncett St Peter constables' return concerning apprentices. File 1631
NAS 1/1/26/26 Order by Arthur Heveningham to the constables of Ashwellthorpe to apprehend drunken and disorderly persons there. File 1618