Uncatalogued Accessions Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Hood, Vores and Allwood, 24/02/1981 Title deeds relating to property in Scarning, freehold, and copyhold of the manors of Scarning and Drayton Hills, formerly belonging to the Girling family. Sub-sub-fonds c 1864-c 1919
BR 379/ACC 1999/193 ACC 1999/193 Sub-sub-fonds 1714-1965
BR 379/ACC 2013/72 ACC 2013/72 Sub-sub-fonds c 1873-c 1963
BR 379/Hood, Vores and White, 12/12/1974 ACC 12/12/1974 Sub-sub-fonds c 1714-c 1945
Hood, Vores and Allwood, 23/11/1995 ACC 23/11/1995 Sub-sub-fonds 18th century-20th century
BR 379/ACC 2000/106 ACC 2000/106 Sub-sub-fonds 19th century-20th century
Hood, Vores and Allwood, 18/12/1977 ACC 18/12/1977 Sub-sub-fonds c 1822-c 1923
Hood, Vores and Allwood, 14/03/1980 ACC 14/03/1980 Sub-sub-fonds 17th century-20th century
Hood, Vores and Allwood, 31/07/1975 ACC 31/07/1975 Sub-sub-fonds 1725-1925
Hood, Vores and Allwood per Rural Life Museum, 20/03/1980 Farm labour account books. Farm unidentified. File 1914-1919
BR 379/ACC 2000/54 ACC 2000/54 Sub-sub-fonds 18th century-20th century
ACC 2000/27 Bradley family of East Dereham settlement deeds and papers. File 1914-1963