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Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies)

From: Henry P. Brougham [later 1st Lord Brougham and Vaux] (Hill St.) re Committee for Diffusing Useful Knowledge, suitable reading matter, mentions Lushington. Jan [Bacon pp 251-2]: Copy of report from 'Morning Herald' (14 Feb) re arriv...

Stephen Lushington; 1782-1808; civil and ecclesiastical lawyer, politician; Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Letters to HLB

From Sir Robert Peel (DNB), the other liberal MP for Tamworth, 1868-1869 (10 enc. letter from Peel to Mr Shaw; draft letter from HLB); petition and notice of presentation of petition against Peel and HLB, 1868; speech of HLB to electors of Fazeley...

Crisp Molineux, Watton, Garboldisham, Chippenham, etc., to Philip Case: his candidature for Lynn, canvassing, indignation against Sir John Turner, meeting with the duke of Grafton, etc.

Including letter from William Woodley to [Molineux?]: cannot give him sufficiently early intelligence to be of use; he should 'keep guard' in London so that as soon as he hears of dissolution of Parliament he can muster his friends at Lynn.

Crisp Molineux; 1730-1792; politician; Garboldisham and Castle Rising, Norfolk

Thomas Walpole, London and Paris, to Philip Case, principally about the Lynn election: 'we seem waked from a Lethargy and forced into an uphill game', 16 Oct; hire of private lodgings in Lynn, Dec 1767; charitable donations not to be confined to the voters, 4 Jan 1768; misbehaviour of Sir John Turner's supporters, 23 Jan; with copy letters from Case, including advice to join with Crisp Molineux if Lord Orford approves, 11 Jan 1768

Including copy letter from Briggs Cary [? to Walpole] advising that tickets have been given to the inferior freemen by the friends of Mr Molineux and Sir John Turner entitling them to beef, flour, coal, etc., and the lateness and method of distrib...

Walpole family; 1678-; Baron Walpole of Wolterton, formerly Earl of Orford (second creation)

Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord (including draft replies)

From; sub-bundle:- 1) Harbord to Stephen Lushington re decision to disassociate self from Cobbett and Cartwright, seeks advice: 2) 'Inhabitants of Middleton' to Harbord (Vernon House) re Harbord's recent visit to Middleton, his conc...

Stephen Lushington; 1782-1808; civil and ecclesiastical lawyer, politician; Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Rolfe family records.

Miscellaneous documents from the collection of S.C.E. Neville Rolfe including inter alia:Copies of acts for the better observation of the Lord's Day, for confirming augmentations to small vicaracies and curacies and for taking away the writ D...

Edward Harbord, 3rd Baron Suffield (1781-1835)

Letters to Lord Suffield from George Stephen on anti-slavery matters and schemes to obviate the use of pauper labour and to render 'those mischievous combinations called 'Trade Unions' obsolete, 1833.Marked 'used'- Letters...

Dawson Turner; 1775-1858; banker, botanist, art and manuscript collector, antiquary; North Walsham and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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