Tunstead Hundred Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
NAS 1/1/24/1 Bond for good performance as bailiff of the Hundred of William Drake, grocer, of Worstead (Bassingborne Gawdy, sheriff, William Lynstead, gent., and Henry Weedes, yeoman, both of Westwick sureties) File 1593
NAS 1/1/24/2 Schedule naming parishes and persons of money collected 'for Mr heigh sheriffes two servanttes' File 1602
NAS 1/1/24/6 Contemporary copy of lease for 30 years by Prior John Iglyngham and the Convent of Bromholme to Richard and William Holle and Thomas and John their sons of all their lands, tenements, rents, services and liberties in Woodnorton and Guist formerly of Galien de Happesburghe, reserving lopping of oaks and ashes File 6 Dec 1465
Barton Turf Sub-series 1671-1772
NAS 1/2/20/Barton Turf (1), (4) Statistics of baptisms, marriages and burials, 1558-1749, taken by Anthony Norris from the Barton parish register, with list of householders paying the parish clerk's wages, 1671 File 1671
NAS 1/2/20/Beeston St Lawrence (4) Letter from Jacob Preston, Beeston, to John Hare, esq., on death of Preston's father and escutcheons for his coffin File 1709
NAS 1/1/24/7 Acknowledgment by Thomas Knyvett that he stood bound to Thomas Le Grose, esq., as surety for Lady Knyvett of Stiffkey for the payment of £100 to Le Grose File 1615
NAS 1/2/20/Crostwight (7) Letter from Charles Le Gros to his 'Noble Old Landlord' about binding the procedings of the last Parliament written for him by a friend of Mr Porye's File nd [? mid 17th century]
Neatishead Sub-series 1597-1627
NAS 1/2/20/Neatishead (2) Certificate of baptism of John and Joseph sons of George Weedes in 1623 and 1627 File 1623, 1627
NAS 1/2/20/Paston (4) List of able men (for muster) File nd [? late 16th century]
Smallburgh Sub-series nd [16th century]-1710
NAS 1/2/20/Smallburgh (1), (2) Draft Inquisition post mortem of Sir Francis Jones possessed of the manor of Catts cum Trusbutts in Smallburgh, an eel sett in Barton moor, etc., (in year of William Yelverton, sheriff, 1622-1623) File 1622-1623
NAS 1/1/24/10 Manor of Smallburgh, barley rental File 1710
NAS 1/2/20/Westwick (3) Presentation by Thomas, Earl of Arundel, of Robert Blofeild, M.A., to the benefice of Westwick on the death of the last incumbent Nicholas Rust, S.T.B. File 1635
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