Townshend of Raynham Inventory list

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BL/CS 1/15/1/8 John Noyes to Philip Case: about receipt from Hoares. File 15 Jan 1751
BL/CS 1/15/1/28 Lord Townshend, Raynham, to Philip Case: wishes to purchase a small estate in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, to a value of £200 p.a.; prepared to buy it and then build a house upon it as building is cheap in those parts; the sale of his reversionary interest will enable him to make the purchase. File 5 Jun 1759
BL/CS 1/15/1/29 Lord Townshend to Philip Case: debt of his brother Colonel Roger Townshend to Lynch. File 6 Jun 1759
BL/CS 1/15/1/32 Philip Case, Lynn, to Lord Townshend at Raynham Hall: has taken all steps possible about the reversion but Townshend may wish to have the business transacted by another; deeds for an exchange being drawn up. File 30 Sep 1759
BL/CS 1/15/1/33 Lord Townshend, Rabley, to Philip Case: will be at Raynham to execute the exchange deeds and intends to stay for the winter; if Lord Exeter wishes to sell his own life interest in the reversion the two could be sold together; they should not be confined to Norfolk inhabitants but be advertised in some of the London papers; if Case has any scruples about selling the reversion it would be kind and ingenuous to tell him so, and he will find someone in London to do the business for him. File 26 Oct 1759
BL/CS 1/15/1/45 Lord Townshend, Raynham, to Philip Case: tenant Bale has not repaired his fences as instructed, and because he later spoke kindly to Bale, Case's brother [Townshend's agent Edward Case] appears to think he did not mean it. 'Your Brother gives me continual proofs that in his judgement my understanding is a very sorry one. But I am not the less conceited or the less pleased with the abilities Providence has endowed me with because He esteems them mean, pitifull and low.' File 12 May 1762
BL/CS 1/15/1/46-52 Correspondence between Philip Case and Edward Woodcock [on behalf of Lady Townshend] about possible sale of the Balls estate. File May-Jul 1762
BL/CS 1/15/1/53-55 Letters from Lord Townshend, Raynham, to Philip Case: purchase of Nuthall's estate at Aylsham for Mrs Walker [his mistress] without mentioning her name; she will settle it on Townshend after her decease 'which pray God avert'. File Jul 1762
BL/CS 1/15/1/56 Lord Townshend, Raynham, to Philip Case: wishes to settle some points with Case's brother of Toftrees and asks Case to be present; his present situation jars his nerves and he hopes for a calm explanation to make all easy in future. File Oct 1762
BL/CS 1/15/2/2/1-13 Notes about Lord Townshend's funeral, bill from William Donne, surgeon, for medicines and attendance, notes of cash at Raynham, list of plate, servants' legacies and wages, orders by Lord Townshend including that Philip Case is to deliver the harpsichord and organ to Mrs Walker, it being her property. File Mar 1764
BL/CS 1/15/4/9-17 Letters between Philip Case, E. Jewell, Holt, and Lord Townshend, about Philip Case's offer to Townshend of Mr Burslem's house at Rudham, and his efforts to get a receipt for the court books he handed over in 1768, but which was not forthcoming until 1784. File 1771-1784
BL/CS 1/15/1/3 Lord Townshend to [John] Noyes, Holborn Court, Gray's Inn: needs to raise £3,000 for his brother Edward, according to power under his father's will. File 30 Jan 1745
BL/CS 1/15/1/9 Charles Townshend, St James's Street, to Philip Case: in great difficulty as to qualification for forthcoming election as that made at previous one has been destroyed by his brother's marriage settlement; fears his father won't be able to make another and asks advice; if any freemen of Yarmouth live in Lynn he will pay their expenses to Yarmouth. Cover addressed 'To be sent without Delay to Mr Case wherever he is, & not to be opened by any other Person'. File 5 Apr 1754
BL/CS 1/15/1/27 Lord Townshend, Raynham, to Philip Case: Case has always prevailed upon him to postpone selling his reversionary interest in the estate in Flegg hundred; the delay has cost him money but is now determined to do so; if Case will not act for him, asks him to return all the papers; 'It is my misfortune to be looked on by the Herd of Men as one of very weak judgment' but is not the least disturbed by this. File 28 Apr 1759
BL/CS 1/15/1/40 Lord Townshend, Balls, to Philip Case: about mortgage on the estate. File 13 Jul 1760
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