Title Deeds relating to Richard Mann's estate at Bungay Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
AA 2, 171X2 Copy settlement by John Day of sum of File 25 Mar 1820
AA 9, 171X2 Contract for sale and purchase of mansion house and premises in Bungay. Richard Mann and Elizabeth Dreyer. File 13 Oct 1838
AA 13, 171X2 Bungay. Copy settlement of sum of File 15 Mar 1839
AA 14, 171X2 Draft conveyance of cottage and land in Bungay. Richard Mann to Edward Butcher. File 3 Mar 1842
AA 15, 171X2 Papers relating to Richard Mann's lease of property File 1839
AA 24, 171X2 Bungay. Copy Power of Attorney. Henry Mann to William Hartcup. File 1853
AA 25, 171X2 Papers relating to premises in Bungay File early 19th century
AA 4, 171X2 Bungay. Bundle of papers relating to estates of Richard Mann, Esq. File 1823-1837
AA 8, 171X2 Draft additional abstract of title to estate at Bungay Trinity File 1838
AA 10, 171X2 Draft conveyance of Trinity Hall, Bungay. Richard Mann to Elizabeth Dreyer. File 1839
AA 11, 171X2 Attested copy of deed of covent to produce title deeds. Elizabeth Dreyer to Revd John Day and Charles Mann. File 15 Mar 1839
AA 12, 171X2 Declaration by Hannah Mann wife of Richard Mann of Bungay relating to Trinity Hall, Bungay File 1839
AA 16, 171X2 Bungay. Copy confirmation of settlement on Hannah Mann and her children. Revd John Day and Charles Mann and Richard Mann and his wife. File 1841
AA 17, 171X2 Bungay. Copy Bond of indemnity. Richard Mann and others to John Day and Charles Mann. File 1841
AA 5, 171X2 Abstract of Indentures of Lease and Release of marriage settlement of Richard Mann and Hannah his wife late Hannah Day, spinster. File 1801
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