Title Deeds: post-Medieval Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
KIM 3/1/3 Deeds and abstracts of title relating to Fiddy's Close in Barford and Carleton Forehoe bought by John, Earl of Kimberley, from Jane Sparrow and others File 19 Nov 1874
KIM 3/2/3 Conveyance of estate in Barnham Broom, Carleton Forehoe, Kimberley by Nehemiah Lodge to Armine Wodehouse File 13 Dec 1738
KIM 3/2/10 Title deeds, abstracts of title, to land in Barnham Broom conveyed by Robert Leeder to Lord Wodehouse in 1812 File 1807-1812
KIM 3/2/14 Title deeds re estate at Barnham Broom conveyed by Thomas Bayes to John, Lord Wodehouse on 6 January 1820 File 1703-1820
KIM 3/2/16 Conveyance by John Copeman and Richard Laddell to Earl of Kimberley of cottage and premises at Barnham Broom File 11 Oct 1877
KIM 3/2/20 Title deeds to land in Barnham Broom conveyed by Thomas Trappet to Thomas Stacke 6 January 1682, having been conveyed by Henry Belis to John Stocke 17 September 1557 File 1557-1684
KIM 3/2/24 Bundle of title deeds and other documents relating to estate in Barnham Broom and Kimberley sold by Thomas Trappet to Thomas Starke in 1682 File 1606-1684
KIM 3/3/7 Release and assignment of John Gooch's mortgage on farm in Carleton Forehoe by Henry Cocksedge to Sir Edmund Bacon in trust for Sir John Wodehouse to secure Wodehouses's title to the property File 24 Mar 1741
KIM 3/3/13 Title deeds to estate in Carleton Forehoe conveyed by Offley Lewis to Sir John Wodehouse File 1749
KIM 3/4/4 Draft exchange of land in Coston between Sir Thomas Wodehouse and Miles Browne File nd
KIM 3/5/2 Lease and release by William Donne to Sir John Wodehouse of messuage and farm in Deopham with related manor court papers, abstracts of title File 1777
KIM 3/5/6 Letters patent confirming right of free warren in Deopham, Litcham and Thuxton to Philip Wodehouse File 10 Nov 1591
KIM 3/8 Hardingham Series 17th century-19th century
KIM 3/8/8 Bundle of title deeds and copyhold papers relating to estates in Hardingham File 17th century-19th century
KIM 3/9/2 Licence for sale of manor at Hingham by Henry Viscount Rochford to Sir Philip Wodehouse File 1 Jul 1623
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