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HARE 2407, 196X5 Charter: Grant. Herlewin and Nicholas and William sons of Hildebrond de Runghton St Edmund to John son of Jeffrey de Tifteshal. File nd [late 12th century]
HARE 2408, 196X5 Charter: Grant. Odo son of Leverick de Holma Rughton St Edmund to John de Tisteshal son of Jeffrey. File nd [late 12th century]
HARE 2411, 196X5 Final Concord File 1363
HARE 2415, 196X5 Charter: Grant. Richard Croft of Watlyngton and John Weleys of the same to Stephan Bell, ironmonger, Philip Mayner of Wygenhal and John Parfey of the same. File 6 Dec 1428
HARE 2419, 196X5 Bill Indented - Settlement on marriage to be had between Thomas Gausell and Eleyn daughter of (2) File 1454-1455
HARE 2421, 196X5 Charter: Feoffment. John Perys of Norwolde kinsman and heir of John son of Edmund Pers late of Wygenhale to Robert Bonde and Thomas Nele of Watlyngton. File 1 Jun 1482
HARE 2429, 196X5 Indenture - Bargain and Sale File 20 Aug 1551
HARE 2431, 196X5 Fragment of Extract from Court Roll File nd [mid 16th century-late 16th century]
HARE 2432, 196X5 Charter: Grant. Edward Frend of Garboisthorp yeoman and Richard Harpley of the same, yeoman. File 26 May 1566
HARE 2433, 196X5 Indenture - Bargain and Sale File 12 Jan 1571
HARE 2437, 196X5 Manor of Runcton Holme File 9 Jun 1793
HARE 2409, 196X5 Quitclaim File nd [1182-1211]
HARE 2418, 196X5 Charter: Grant. Thomas Halle, senior, of Rungetonholme to John Fyncham William Ewayn of Wyrham Edmund Blake, clerk, of Rungeton holme, John Martyn of Stowe Bardolf and Richard Wotton of Watlyngton. File 5 Nov 1444
HARE 2423, 196X5 Charter: Grant. John Godeson of Rungtonholme to Thomas Harple of Garboysthorp, Edmund Whyte and William Butte of the same. File 5 May 1501
HARE 2426, 196X5 Charter: Grant. Thomas Harpley of Garboysthorp son and heir of Thomas Harpley late of the same in accordance with Act of Parliament of 1 Ric. III [1483/84] to John Muste of Garboysthorp. File 9 Jul 1531
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