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EVL 381, 460X6 46a. 1r. 31p. in Swanton Morley, in several closes, called Greaves Nine Acre, Greaves First Eight Acres, Greaves Lane, Parkers Acre, Hill Land, Seven Roads, Chapmans Close, and Three Acre Land. File 1705-1809
EVL 384, 460X5 Farm house with barns stables, yards, gardens etc., and 51a. 1r. 39p. of land. File 1820
EVL 385, 460X8 Capital messuage in Worthing; messuage, cottage, and 138a. 10p. of land in Worthing. File 1715-1821
EVL 388, 460X9 Deeds File 1707-1828
EVL 391, 461X1 Messuage and c 72a. in Swanton Morley File 1828
EVL 392, 461X2 Capital messuage, 4.5a.; Furr Close, 4a., and 2a. 3r. in three pieces File 1684-1817
EVL 395, 461X3 Several closes in Worthing and Swanton Morley, totalling 14a. 2r. 1p., and several pieces totalling 12a. 1r. 24p. File 1832
EVL 396/4, 461X4 Messuage called Collins and twenty pieces of land, 79a. 3r. in Weston and Hockering. File 1555-1569
EVL 396/7, 461X4 Hockering Layes or Atlinges, 140a., in Hockering File 1583
EVL 396/10, 461X4 1a. in Wodefield, Hockering, abutting on a common way to the north. File 1531
EVL 396/23, 461X5 Piece of land in the field of Weston File Mar 1465
EVL 396/26, 461X5 Two messuages and 47a. of land in Weston and Southburgh File 1657
EVL 396/28, 461X5 Ten Acres in Weston, abutting on a packway from Hungate Green to Lunwood Bridge to the east. File 1666
EVL 396/31, 461X5 Close, 9a. 1r., in Hockering, and two enclosures, 30.5a., all abutting on a common way to the north; 10.5a. in several pieces in Hockering; 10a. abutting on a common way to the north; Neats Closes, 18a.; Woodland Close, 18a.; 2a. in the field of Hockering; 2.5a. in Woodland Close; 8a. 1r. in Bushells Yard; two pieces of 5a. and 2a. in Furr Close, 5a. 3r. File 1680
EVL 396/34, 461X5 Messuage, yards, gardens, barns, stables, and homestall, 6a., in Weston, next to a way from Hungate Common to Lyng Mills to the south, and a way from Hockering to Lunwade Mills to the east and north; messuage in Weston with two cottages and c 50a. in Weston. File 1683, 1685
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