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Map 1846, by C.S. Alger of Diss; Apportionment 1846 (detached); Altered Apportionment 1848 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1852 with plan; Glebe Exchange 1848 with plan; Glebe Exchange 1852 with plan; Tithe Redemption certificates 1921 (x2).


Map 1838, by J. T. Brown and J. Manning, surveyors, Bethel Street, Norwich; Apportionment 1841 (attached); Altered Apportionment 1861 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1862 (missing); Altered Apportionment 1873 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1931...


Map 1840, by James Wright of Aylsham; Apportionment 1842 (attached); Altered Apportionment 1922 with plan; Glebe Exchange 1858 with plan; Tithe Redemption Certificate 1923.

Long Stratton St Mary

Map 1839, by R. Hotson of Long Stratton; Apportionment 1841 (detached); Altered Apportionment 1845; Altered Apportionment 1920; Altered Apportionment 1921; Glebe Exchange 1846 with marginal plan; Tithe Redemption Certificates 1920, 1921 (x2).

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