Thurning, Norfolk



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  • Lat: 52.8166 Long: 1.1
  • OS sheet ref.: TG0630

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Thurning, Norfolk

BT Norfolk

Thurning, Norfolk

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Thurning, Norfolk

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Thurning, Norfolk

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Case Record of Elizabeth Partridge

Name: Elizabeth Partridge; Age: 57; Gender: Female; Occupation: Widow; Residence: Thurning; Religion: Church of England; Education: Read & write; Martial Status: Widow; No. of Children: Nine; Admission Photo: Yes; Notes Prior to Admission: : C...

Case Record of John Rudd

Name: John Rudd; Age: 52; Gender: Male; Occupation: Harness Maker; Residence: Thurning; Religion: ; Education: ; Martial Status: Married; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: N; Notes Prior to Admission: : Classification: ; Outcome: Discharged; Pho...

Leases by Erasmus and Augustine Earle

Of Cawston Warren, 1707; farm in Heydon and Salle save brick kiln, 1724; closes in Thurning, 1725; farm at Salle, 1725, enclosing agreement, 1717 and report, 1725; farm at Heydon, 172[-]; shepherd's house and closes in Oulton, 1730; 'Whi...

Settlements and mortgages

Exemplification of Final Concord between John Austen, Esq., and John Paltock, gent., querents, and Horatio Townshend, knight, deforciant, re the manor of Stinton and appurtenances in Heydon, Salle, Oulton etc. and the advowsons of Heydon and Salle...

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