Thetford Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
NAS 1/1/20/126 Grant by John de Gressenhale to John de Furneus and Mary his wife of a messuage in St Etheldreda's parish lying between ways from St Etheldreda's church to Bisshopis mille and from St Mary's church to the monks of Thetford and Earl Warren's pool File 7 Mar 1347
NAS 1/1/20/128 Extent in Sir Edward Clere's hand of his Thetford manor noted 'after 1574' File nd [? late 16th century]
NAS 1/1/20/132 Copy petition of the mayor, burgesses and commonalty of Thetford for an Act for the foundation of a hospital and grammar school and the maintenance of a preacher, in accordance with the will of Sir Richard Fulmerston File 17th century
NAS 1/1/20/127 Summary of bailiff's account of the manor of Kilverstone 1549/50 with notes from accounts 1540/1-1546/7; copy letters patent granting reversion of said manor to Thomas Cornewallyis, 1550; copy receipts acknowledged by Sir John Cornewallyis for the records of the manor of Kilverstone late the Prior of Coxford's and of an unnamed manor in Kilverstone probably that of St Mary's Priory, Thetford, 1529-1530 File 1529-1550
NAS 1/1/20/129 Receipt acknowledged by Nicholas Grene, mayor, of 26s. 8d. from Bassingborne Gawdy for tax charged on lands lately Sir Richard Fulmerstone's in Fersfield File 1590
NAS 1/1/20/134 Letter from Jo. Wright to his father Thomas, Euston Hall (Suff.), on Thetford history from Leland, Speed, the Antonine Itineraries, etc. File 1696
NAS 1/1/20/135 Manuscript 'The Antiquities of Thetford' noted by Le Neve as by Thomas Wright of Downham, Suff. (i.e. Santon Downham). In reverse end of a book containing theological notes; a register of promised contributions for the purchase of the site for 'two faire and spacious Buildings….with a large Court' as an extension to Caius College, Cambridge, 1638-1639; and an account of corn issued including 'to Breckles' and for Sir Thomas Hare's horse, 1693. File 1638-1693
NAS 1/1/20/130 Assessment for rate for provision of the Queen's household File 1599
NAS 1/1/20/133 Draft petition on behalf of Edward Mobbs, mayor (1635-1636), imprisoned at Lynn 'uppon some delinquency', requesting his discharge on bail File nd [? 1630s]
NAS 1/1/20/131 Receipt acknowledged for tenths for one year amounting to £54 10s. 1d. received from Edward Burrell and John Holland in respect of the manor of Thetford and the cell of Wangford (Suff.) File 1600