The Raymond Frostick Map Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
RFM 1/86a, 1031X2 Thomas Crabbe (1819): from Reuben's Rambles; with title page; coloured. File 1845
RFM 1/94/1, 1031X6 Remembrancer: copy, uncoloured, with title page. File 1822
RFM 1/97/1, 1031X2 Dawson & Vear: copy, uncoloured. File c 1824
RFM 1/101/3, 1031X7 James Pigot (British Atlas) (1829): address in imprint, 59 Fleet Street; coloured; page of text. File 1839
RFM 1/105 Samuel Lewis (Creighton) (1831) Sub-series 1833-1842
RFM 1/105/4, 1031X6 Samuel Lewis (Creighton) (1831): polling places deleted; addition of Poor Law Unions; projected railways; uncoloured. File 1840
RFM 1/107/1, 1031X1 William Cobbett: imprint of Cobbett's Geographical Dictionary; uncoloured. File 1832
RFM 1/109/1, 1031X2 Thomas Moule (1832): with the imprint of W.Schmollinger; coloured. File 1832
RFM 1/109/d, 1031X2 Thomas Moule (1832): railways to King's Lynn; uncoloured. File 1832
RFM 1/112/1, 1031X2 Joshua Archer: black on white; with text. File 1833
RFM 1/113/1 Christopher and John Greenwood: imprint; Norwich Cathedral; new Acle to Yarmouth road; coloured. File 1 Apr 1834
RFM 1/114/1, 1031X1 Mary Martha Rodwell: copy, uncoloured. File 1834
RFM 1/115 John & Charles Walker (1835) Sub-series 1835-c 1893
RFM 1/116/1, 1031X6 R. Creighton: imprints of R. Creighton and J. and C. Walker; outline colour. File 1835
RFM 2/1, 1031X7 Joan Bleau, Regionas Inundata, from Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Part 4, Amsterdam; no text, but many editions with text in Latin, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. File 1645
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