The Great Hospital, alias the Hospital of St Giles, alias God's House or the House of the poor people in Holmestreet in the city of Norwich, foundation, endowment, administrative, accounting and estate records Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
NCR 24c/28 [North] Walsham Manor Sub-series 1436-1437
NCR 24c/28/1 [North] Walsham court roll File Dec 1436-Mar 1437
NCR 24c/29/3 Finges in Weybread, court roll File Apr 1647-Feb 1657
NCR 24c/30/2 Schedule of the debts of John Kenyng [at his death], compiled at Sisland File 26 Sep 1375
NCR 24a/136 God's House collector and receiver's annual accounts File Mar 1681-Mar 1682
NCR 24a/139 God's House collector and receiver's annual accounts File Mar 1685-Mar 1686
NCR 24a/142 God's House receiver's rentals File 1542-1547
NCR 24a/143 Hospital receiver's draft, annual payments account for the year, 1549-1550 File Oct 1550
NCR 24b/1/1-12 Foundation and initial endowment Sub-sub-series nd [c 1249]-1349
NCR 24b/1/1 An original copy of the foundation charter of Bishop Walter de Suffield File nd [c 1249]
NCR 24b/1/3 Inspeximus by the prior and Benedictine convent of Bromholme of Bishop Walter Suthfeud [Suffield]'s grant of lands and churches in Norwich and elsewhere, and of their confirmation by Pope Alexander IV File nd [c 1255]
NCR 24b/1/6/1-2 Two contemporary copies of Bishop Roger de Skerning's charter amending the rules for appointing the Master of the Hospital File 12 Aug 1272
NCR 24b/1/10 Near-contemporary copies of the text of four deeds re properties in St Augustine's parish, Norwich relating to rents received by the Master of the Hospital of St Giles File mid-late 13th century
NCR 24b/1/13 Confirmation of the election as Master of the Hospital of Sir Peter de Herlyngfletes, chaplain and brother of the Hospital by John [Salmon], bishop of Norwich File 9 Jan 1313
NCR 24b/1/16 Quitclaim by Robert Spencer, clerk, William Cole and John Betynys, the executors of the testament of Robert Spencer, recently master of the Hospital, to Roger Prat, clerk, the present master, from all personal actions arising or which may arise from the said testament File 14 May 1432
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