The Aylsham Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
AYL 1088/1-8 Personal and business diaries of William Repton, solicitor File 1845-1858
AYL 948 Office ledger File 1857-1860
AYL 833 Letter Rackham to Adey re annuity File 1804
AYL 252/2 Tradesmen's bills, Norfolk and London, to Repton and Scott, receipts for Norwich Union Fire Assurance premiums, 1842, expenses of W.H. Scott on a journey to Frankfurt, 1849, telegrams, etc. File 1842-1864
AYL 603 Correspondence: W.M. and J. Hazard to W.H. Scott on court and conveyancing matters, 1866-1868, and drawing of additions to window at the hall of Buxton with the members sent to W.H. Scott in 1858 File 1858-1868
AYL 1221 Miscellaneous letters to W.H. Scott, solicitor, about affairs of clients File 1860-1881
AYL 1237/2 Valuation of an estate (part only) sent to Humphrey [?Repton esq.] at Sus[tead] near Aylsham File nd [early 19th century]
AYL 1183 Proven will of John Repton of Norwich File 1775
AYL 509 Plan and proposals for general defence in case of invasion, printed [Napoleonic wars] File nd [c 1800-c 1815]
AYL 391 Letter to William Repton re military affairs File 1804
AYL 438 Bundle of Repton papers labelled 'John Repton's Extors' File c 1809-1822
AYL 839-840 William Repton, bank books File 1829-1848
AYL 1167 Letters about purchase of government stock by Sir John Lubbock for William Repton File 1830-1835
AYL 844 Bill from J.C. Griffin, grocer and draper, Aylsham, to William Repton's executors File 1858
AYL 1234/4 Printed resolution from meeting of principal inhabitants of Aylsham, addressed to William Repton, recommending that inhabitants take precautions when hiring servants to prevent them from gaining settlements File 1830
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