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Abstracts of title 33 0
Accounts (6)
  • Financial accounts.
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Accounts (manorial)
  • Manorial accounts of various officials such as reeves, bedells and bailiffs. They are often described in the Latin as compoti. Where the official is not identified, the documents are described as 'ministers' accounts'. Accounts of receivers, chamberlains and farmers have not be included on the MDR since these officials presented their accounts under the administration of estates rather than manors. Therefore, they are not manorial documents. Later accounting records, such as cash books, day books and ledgers if they relate to an individual manor are included.
  • Manorial accounts are usually in Latin and use many abbreviations. They are unlikely to contain information about specific individuals.
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Accounts, personal
  • Personal financial accounts.
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  • An item printed solely as a means of advertising a product or service, but not an event (i.e., not to be used for performance-related flyers or posters such as theatre bills).
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Airgraphs 1 0
Apprenticeship indentures 450 0
Architectural/building plans

Use for: Building plans, Plans

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Army lists
  • Seven series of lists of serving regular, militia or territorial British Army officers, kept in one form or another, since 1702.
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Artefacts 95 0
Audio recordings

Use for: Sound recordings

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Use for: Recorded books, Audio books, Audio-books

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Autograph albums 3 0
Banns registers 2303 0
Baptism registers 3383 0
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