Survey (manorial)



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  • A survey is a written description of a manor consisting of descriptions of boundaries, customs and a rent roll.
  • A special court called a court of survey was held, a jury empanelled and a list of questions or “articles of enquiry” drawn up. The presence of these components of the survey is included in the MDR in the document description. The documents mainly follow the format suggested by Fitzherbert and Norden.
  • 'Survey' has not be used as a generic descriptive term. 'Custumal' and 'extent', which both describe types of surveys, appear as keywords in their own right. Commissions to survey and articles of enquiry for survey, where these survive as separate documents, should be noted on the MDR.

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  • A keyword used by TNA Manorial Records Project (Norfolk) 2013.

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Survey (manorial)

Survey (manorial)

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Survey (manorial)

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Survey (manorial)

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