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  • A survey is a written description of a manor consisting of descriptions of boundaries, customs and a rent roll.
  • A special court called a court of survey was held, a jury empanelled and a list of questions or “articles of enquiry” drawn up. The presence of these components of the survey is included in the MDR in the document description. The documents mainly follow the format suggested by Fitzherbert and Norden.
  • 'Survey' has not be used as a generic descriptive term. 'Custumal' and 'extent', which both describe types of surveys, appear as keywords in their own right. Commissions to survey and articles of enquiry for survey, where these survive as separate documents, should be noted on the MDR.

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  • A keyword used by TNA Manorial Records Project (Norfolk) 2013.

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Survey (manorial)

Survey (manorial)

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Survey (manorial)

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Survey (manorial)

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Copy survey of John Beeffoo's lands in Larling of Shropham Pakenhams

All part of a tenement called Qwylters, surrendered by John Brown in the court held on Thursday after the f. of the Annunciation of the BVM, 24 Hen VII [29 March 1509], and described in 43 pieces, describing the lands, their abuttals, former tenants and minor placenames.
Endorsed in later hands, 'Abbuttalia terr' i[b[idu]m Hervy t[enet] Shropham Pakenhame' and, 'Grey of Lerlyng hath an extent in p[ar]chemine olde wrytten of p[ar]cell the landes of the man[or] of Pakenhams.'

Mundham St Peter and St Ethelbert survey of lands and tithe ownership

Possibly copies of each other though, if so, not duplicates. All are missing their headings, but two of them include their intended endings. They appear to be arranged by 'wentes', listing tenants of lands in those wentes, describing the abuttals of the holdings in each case with abundant numbers of minor placenames given, and indicating to which church (either to St Peter or to St Ethelbert), each holding owes tithe. All the texts are written in vernacular English.
One of the part-rolls has been reinforced with a section of a printed notice of the a forthcoming quarter sessions in Norwich of George III's reign in the time of mayor, [John] Browne [1798-9]. Another part-roll has been endorsed (incorrectly) in the 19th century, 'Description of the Abuttals of Lands at Siselond', and the longest part-roll is endorsed with Blomefield's crossed-circle mark and the words, 'Sething Mundham'.

Shropham Pakenham Manor survey

Entitled on the front cover, 'Shropham Pye of the Survaye', and headed inside, 'The Pye of Shropham Mannour', and , 'Snitertonne Pie', listing lands and acreages under the several tenements in Shropham and Snetterton. Under several of the tenement sections are diagrams of dots representing auditor's abacus counters.

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