Somerleyton, Suffolk



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  • OS sheet ref.: TM4897

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Somerleyton, Suffolk

BT Suffolk

Somerleyton, Suffolk

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Somerleyton, Suffolk

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Somerleyton, Suffolk

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Somerleyton (Suffolk)

Map 1843; Apportionment 1844 (attached); Altered Apportionment 1854 with plan (attached to Map and Apportionment); Glebe Exchange 1854 with plan (attached to Map and Apportionment); Tithe Redemption certificate 1889 with plan.

Recorded Memoirs of Hon. Lady Smith

The original audio cassette appears to contain two different recordings. The first is on side A of the cassette. The second recording follows the first recording on side A but is also copied on to side B of the cassette. It is the two recordings t...

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