Sir Ralph Roscoe Enfield (1885-1973) Inventory list

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ENF/V 4/1-28 Doris Enfield (née Hussey), wife (?1892-1952): including from Israel, nd (11-13), Switzerland, 1946 (20), 1947 (24) File 1920-1951
ENF/V 7/1-8 Ernest William Enfield, father: describes cliff railway at Lynton, with sketch, 1891; glad he saw the Rocket, 1893; surprised at his opinion of Lord Hugh [Cecil's] speech, 1905, a suffragette meeting, 1908, interested in his investigations which will lead to negotiations with the various trades, will give him an introduction to Sir Jesse [Boot], 1913 File 1891-1923
ENF/V 11-16 J.L. Lawford, grandfather (5), 1891-1895; [?Percy Lawford, uncle], doggerel about toffee, nd; Frances A. Lewin, 1904; Annie Meldrum, nd; H.W.K. Roscoe, 1904; Stinton, servant, enclosing Ralph's first letter to his father, nd; File 1891-1895
ENF/V 20/1-7 Miscellaneous items including correspondence about painting exterior of 48 Downshire Hill, Hampstead, 1923, copy letter to solicitor asking whether he is obliged to pay full school fees including board now his son is a day boy at Ashridge College, Ottawa, and is boarding privately with friends, 1942, and letter from Morris S. Lambe with whom Edward was staying in Canada, 1942; letter about will of Mary P. Enfield, 1947, etc. File 1923-1972
ENF/V 23 Letters of condolence to Sir R.R. Enfield on the death of his wife Doris File 1952
ENF/V 26 Letters about award of MA (Oxon) File 1968
ENF/V 21 Letter of congratulations to Ralph R. Enfield on his CBE File 1944
ENF/V 24 Letters, cuttings etc. about career, including pages from the South China Morning Post, 1955, photograph, etc. File 1950-1970
ENF/V 27 Monochrome Alpine photos, etc., programme, Kurhaus Theatre, Hotel Jungfrau, Mürren, 1911 File 1911-1919
ENF/V 5/1-4 Edward Enfield, son b 1929): Oxford life, ?late 1940s, Hong Kong 1954 File 1940s-1954
ENF/V 8-9 Harriet Enfield, grandmother: enclosing Christmas card from Brooke Harford, 1896, 1889-[1904]; Honora 'Nora' Enfield, sister, 1890, nd File 1889-[1904]
ENF/V 17/1-5 J.M. Lloyd Thomas, Nottingham: correspondence with Ralph Enfield about a sermon, including ?copy letter to Ralph from 'Roy', St John's College, Cambridge File 1906
ENF/V 1-3 H.B. Baker, 1908; Bee Haytch [B.H.], Hospitalfield, 1906; Arthur Enfield, brother, Bingfield, nd [1890s] (2). File 1890s-1908
ENF/V 6/1-3 (Margaret) Elinor Enfield, sister File 1904-1905
ENF/V 10/1-13 (Lucy) Alice Enfield, mother File 1888-1913
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