Sir Francis Palgrave (1788-1861) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 2847/D3/6 'Correspondence Jan. to Dec. Seals B to W 1830' with partial list of correspondents in modern hand File 1830
MC 2847/D3/7 'Correspondence Jan. to Dec. Seals A to W 1831', with index of correspondents, some of which letters are missing File 1831
MC 2847/D3/9 'Correspondence Jan. to Dec. Seals A to W 1833' File 1833
MC 2847/D4 Letter from William Roscoe (1753-1831), Toxteth Park, Liverpool File 29 Jan 1825
MC 2847/D8/1-11 Letters from Robert Southey (1774-1833) File 1825-1833
MC 2847/D10/2-3 2 letters from 4th earl of Aberdeen, Argyll House File Jul 1835
MC 2847/D12/7 Note of treasury minute fixing salary of deputy keeper File 14 Oct 1838
MC 2847/D12/9 Appointment as Deputy Keeper of the Public Records signed by Lord John Russsell File 14 Dec 1838
MC 2847/D12/17 'Declaration of Abraham Lawrence esq [described as a first cousin] as to my age' File 21 Feb 1850
MC 2847/D1-2 Family letters Series 1846-1870
MC 2847/D2/1 Letter to Sir Francis Palgrave from his second son William Gifford Palgrave, Oxford File 15 Nov 1846
MC 2847/D2/2 'View across the island of Bombay to Sulsette and the mainland. From the second flagstaff April 17 1847 W.G.P.' File 17 Apr 1847
MC 2847/D3 Volumes of letters received by Sir Francis Palgrave, with some to Elizabeth, Lady Palgrave Sub-series 1810-1835
MC 2847/D3/3 'Correspondence 1827 Vol 3' File 1827
MC 2847/D10/4 Letter from John Henry Newman (later Cardinal, 1801-1890), Roehampton File 11 Jul 1844
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