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  • UF Ship builders
  • UF Ship-builders
  • UF Shipwrights

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Page 83

Apprenticeship: John Cowell to Samuel Balls and Henry Croskill, shipwrightsApprenticeship: Clarey Craggy to James Thompson, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Sayer to Samuel Dixon, grocerApprenticeship: Charles Leggett to Henry Cooper, marinerApprenti...

Page 80

Apprenticeship: Thomas Rushford to William Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Stapelton to Samuel Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Brigham to George Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Henry Linder to George Riches, shipwright

Page 72

Apprenticeship: Henry Shreeve junior to Henry Gibson Dewson, ropemakerApprenticeship: John Clarke to William Kett, sailmakerApprenticeship: Charles Walker to Joseph Rackham and John Cobb, shipbuildersApprenticeship: Richard Wallbauck to Johnson Gr...

Page 66

Apprenticeship: Thomas Brown junior to Samuel Balls and Henry Croskill, shipwrightsApprenticeship: Thomas Graves to Samuel Hurry, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Hall to Thomas Evans, marinerApprenticeship: John Grand to Thomas Hurry junior, mariner...

Page 64

Apprenticeship: Timothy Silvers to Charles Bishop, marinerApprenticeship: George Dale to John Winn, shipwrightApprenticeship: Samuel Kitton to Ab[?] Clifton, gentApprenticeship: Henry Athinson to John Barney, esquireApprenticeship: John Whitesides...

Page 65

Apprenticeship: Joseph Morley to Thomas Dawson, marinerApprenticeship: Samuel Smither to Thomas Wright, marinerApprenticeship: John Fuller to John Thompson, caulkerApprenticeship: William Simpson to Samuel Lewis junior, cordwainerApprenticeship: H...

Page 62

Apprenticeship: William Daniel to Charles Le Grys, merchantApprenticeship: Benjamin Winn to Samuel Balls and Henry Croskill, shipwrightsApprenticeship: John Taylor to Thomas Dawson, marinerApprenticeship: John Eller to Samuel Haw, marinerApprentic...

Page 57

Apprenticeship: Benjamin Price to William Thompson, shipwrightApprenticeship: Thomas Soanes to Henry Boston, cooperApprenticeship: Richard Bacon to John Hurry, grocerApprenticeship: Samuel Barker to Samuel Wright, grocerApprenticeship: Edward Shil...

Page 56

Apprenticeship: Thomas Lettis jnr to Thomas Lettis, twinespinnerApprenticeship: Samuel Curtis to John Norfor, ropemakerApprenticeship: Noah Calver to Henry Gibson Dewson, ropemakerApprenticeship: William Bacon to Robert Lancaster, shipwrightAppren...

Page 50

Apprenticeship: Robert Salmon to John Ramey, esquireApprenticeship: John Smith to William Dade, shipwrightApprenticeship: Jacob Lumley to Samuel Hurry, shipmasterApprenticeship: William Hornsby to Christopher Linkley, shipmasterApprenticeship: Hen...

Page 47

Apprenticeship: [?] Warren to Henry Cooper, marinerApprenticeship: John Christmas to John Pastle, grocerApprenticeship: John Townshend to John Baker, ship ownerApprenticeship: Henry Barrow to George Pope, pullymakerApprenticeship: Robert Snelling ...

Page 45

Apprenticeship: William Trueman to David Mason, merchantApprenticeship: Robert French to Rammold Barrett, marinerApprenticeship: John Milner to Edmund Cobb, merchantApprenticeship: John Arms to Henry Gooch, pullymakerApprenticeship: Simon Butcher ...

Page 44

Apprenticeship: Thomas Tripe to John Antill, keelmanApprenticeship: John Yexley to William Peele, merchantApprenticeship: William Cobb to Robert Fish, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Goodwin to Nicholas Boldra, marinerApprenticeship: Godfrey Goodrum...

Page 41

Apprenticeship: James Anguish to Samuel Errington, marinerApprenticeship: Henry King to John Cobb, gentlemanApprenticeship: Thomas Palmer to William Danby Palmer, shipwrightApprenticeship: Joseph Goss to John Clifton, marinerApprenticeship: Jeremi...

Page 42

Apprenticeship: John Pile to Robert Fish, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Nunn to Robert Fish, marinerApprenticeship: Richard Woodcock to Joseph Ingram, sailmakerApprenticeship: Andrew Franks to John Paterson, merchantApprenticeship: Robert Graves t...

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