Parish Records

The Norfolk Record Office holds records from most of the Church of England parishes in Norfolk and the Deanery of Lothingland in Suffolk, i.e., the area around Lowestoft.

To view a list of Church of England parish collections held here, use Find Parish Records Parish names are given in natural order, e.g., "Little Walsingham", not "Walsingham, Little".

This search will produce a hitlist of over 700 parish collections and will display a search dialogue box. In the dialogue box click on the 'Add new criteria' button, select 'And' then type a parish name or part of a parish name. Select 'Title' as the 'In' option. Click on 'Search' and this will narrow your results. Try 'Moulton' as an example.

You can then use the tree on the left hand side to navigate through the descriptions.

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