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Describing a journey from Norwich to Scotland and back, by ship and coach with notes on towns visited, scenery, weather and people encountered. With accounts and trade card of Sheffield Tontine Inn.

Letters from Richard Dauber, Edinburgh, Secretary to the Commissioners of Excise, on the affairs of the Excise Office there

Inc. his attempts at procedural reforms and his own promotion, with comments on Edinburgh and national politics and news and refs. to ordering Scottish linen for Earle, the correct way to prepare haggis, his daughter's extravagance and return to Norwich. Inc. affidavit concerning smuggled silks left at his house by Captain Richard Walpole (son of Lord Walpole, who is frequently referred to) and an anonymous letter threatening him with Porteous' fate 'His Ex(ecutione)rs Are not All dead yet'.

Journal of George Errington of the Yarmouth Herring Fishery

Gives details season by season of grounds fished, catches, prices, numbers and types of vessels engaged, times of fleets leaving and returning, market information mainly London, the Baltic and the Mediterranean but one reference to America, the organisation of the industry including meetings of the fish merchants to fix prices and details of a wage agreement in 1821, Government bounties, the success of the Lowestoft, Cromer, and Southwold fisheries and the Dutch Fleet, occasional references to other catches including pilchards, mackerel and whale, the building of new curing houses during booms, losses at sea and the weather and the great gales of 1789, 1807, 1808, 1810, 1820 and 1821, statistics of numbers employed in the East Anglian fisheries in 1807, and records of catches and vessels per owner at Yarmouth in 1807-1813. There are frequent references to the success of the Erringtons' own boat the 'Neutral', and a general report of 1798 on the herring fisheries in Norway, Gothenberg, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Liverpool, Scotland, Yarmouth, Dover and Hastings is copied in. The document is in one hand throughout and watermarks dated 1821 and 1827 occur.

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