File ANW/S 2/2 - Saxlingham Netherhall manor, court minutes 1553 and estreats 1643, 1648, 1651-1659.

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ANW/S 2/2


Saxlingham Netherhall manor, court minutes 1553 and estreats 1643, 1648, 1651-1659.


  • 1553-1659 (Creación)

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Blomefield states that Netherhall was an alias for Verdons manor, in the same parish, although this would appear to be incorrect. A series of court rolls from the late-fourteenth to late-sixteenth century demonstrate that a court was being held for this manor separately from either Verdons or Thorpe Hall. \r\nThis manor was held by the de la Pole family from at least the fifteenth century: John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk held his first court in 1475, at which the manor was farmed out. A list of feoffees is given including William Oudle, Sir Richard Haycourt and Henry Heydon. The de la Poles also held Thorpe Hall manor. \r\nA moiety of the manor was granted to Thomas Gawdie in 1568 and passed to his son Henry, who held his first court in 1589. The Totehill or Tuthill family also had an interest in the manor at about this time, deeds show that various lands were granted and surrendered to them in Netherhall in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century. Elizabeth Totle, widow of William Totle, held her first court in 1591, although the manor appears to have been held by the Gawdies, with Thorpe Hall and Verdons, into the early seventeenth century. \r\nThe three manors were sold in 1622 to Charles Suckling. By the mid-seventeenth century they were held by John Tuthill, who died in 1684, at which point the manors passed to his daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Mingay. Their daughters and heiresses sold the manors in c.1716 to Robert Atwood, Esq. His son John inherited and then the manors passed to his daughter Anne, married to Thomas Gooch, Esq. \r\nThe lord of the manor in 1783 was Sir Thomas Gooch; an abridgment of court books from 1665 was prepared for him at this date (MC 1831/23, includes 1783 rental). Gooch's heir Thomas sold the manors in 1824 to John Steward and they remained in this family into the twentieth century. The three manors held their own courts, but from at least the seventeenth century they were recorded in the same court books. \r\nJohn Steward, Esq., is given as lord of the manor in White's Trade Directory, 1883. \r\nLast transaction dated: 1881; lord of the manor (with Verdons and Thorpe Hall): John Steward; Steward: J. Wilson Gilbert [TNA, HMC 5/6].\r\nIn a letter of 1662, Robert Hampson is of the opinion that one of the manors named Saxlingham is held of the Honour of Clare, but states that he does not know which [NRO, WHT 1/73].

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