Rolfe Family Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Edmund Rolfe (1738-1817) Sub-series 1663-1829
GUN 2, 362X5 'Dionysii Orbis Descriptio', ed. William Hill. London File 1663
GUN 4, 362X5 Heacham farm account book File 1790-1817
GUN 5, 362X5 General account book File 1801-1817
Catherine Francis Rolfe née Biscoe (c 1771-1837) Sub-series 1792-1829
GUN 7, 362X5 Diaries of journeys etc. File 1809-1829
GUN 10, 362X6 Private Family Recollections of the Family of Revd Strickland Charles Edward Neville Rolfe of Heacham Hall by S.C.E.N.R. and by his son John James Fawcett Neville Rolfe. File 1826-1889
GUN 179, 625X8 Copy of original in possession of Mr David Neville Rolfe, Woodcock Hill, Berkhampstead, Herts., in February 1974 (with letters of ordination, 1813-1814, appointment as domestic chaplain by the Duke of Kent, 1814, appointment as domestic chaplain by the Duke of Somerset, 1825, and institution papers as vicar of Heacham, 1838. File 1846
GUN 16, 362X6 Five cash books while at Oxford File 1834-1836
Henry Fawcett Neville Rolfe (1817-1842) Sub-series 1834-1841
GUN 21, 363X2 Diary, 1837-1848, with letter from Eustace Neville Rolfe, 1878. File 1837-1878
Eustace Neville Rolfe (1845-1908) Consul-General for Southern Italy Sub-series late 18th century-1962
GUN 23, 363X3 Panorama de Naples File Late 18th century
GUN 47, 363X5 Letter Book (copies), 1871, of Eustace Neville Rolfe of Heacham Hall File 24 May-31 Dec 1871
GUN 65 Vol. I. Family letters of Eustace Neville Rolfe, 1877-1909. File 1869-1909
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