Repairs and alterations



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Repairs and alterations

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Repairs and alterations

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Repairs and alterations

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Repairs and alterations

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Papers of the PCC of St Margaret's Old Catton

  • ACC 2021/19
  • Temporary
  • 2007-2021

PCC agendas, minutes and annual meeting papers. Annotated by the incumbent vicar. (Box 1 and 2)Notably papers and plans for the reordering of the church 2007-2014. (Box 3)

Catton Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Catton, Norfolk

Agent's correspondence files

Re roads, 1938, shooting, 1938-1945 (with printed local statistics, 1922-1948); woods and timber sales, 1939-1948; building and repairs, 1938-1947; workmen's insurance, 1939-1947; taxes, 1937-1947.

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