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Norfolk Registration Service


  • Jul 1837-Aug 2018 (Production)

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6 bundles; 25 gatherings; 9 ring-binders; 22,281 volumes, 2 papers

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Formed 1 April 2011.

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The following documents were permanently withdrawn on 8 July 2015; C/RS/DE 9/4/1-2, C/RS/DM 9/5/1, C/RS/K 9/9/1-2, C/RS/N 9/9/1-4, C/RS/T 9/3/1 and C/RS/W 9/2/1.

Source immédiate d'acquisition ou de transfert

Received by the Norfolk Record Office on 26/04/2002 (ACC 2002/24) and catalogued as C/RS/N 2-4; on 03/09/2014 (ACC 2014/121) and catalogued as C/RS/N 1, 5, 6-10); on 01/10/2014 (ACC 2014/139) and catalogued as C/RS/K 1-10; on 22/10/2014 (ACC 2014/156) and catalogued as C/RS/Y 1-10); on 19/11/2014 (ACC 2014/175) and catalogued as C/RS/DS 1-10; on 19/11/2014 (ACC 2014/176) and catalogued as C/RS/N 7 and 8 additional; on 24/11/2014 (ACC 2014/182) and catalogued as C/RS/T 1-10; on 26/11/2014 (ACC 2014/187) and catalogued as C/RS/DE 1-10; on 28/11/2014 (ACC 2014/190) and catalogued as C/RS/F 1-10; on 01/12/2014 (ACC 2014/191) and catalogued as C/RS/DM 1-10); on 05/12/2014 (ACC 2014/197) and catalogued as C/RS/W 1-10; on 06/06/2015 (ACC 2015/55) and catalogued as C/RS/Y 1, 5, 6 and 10 additional; on 19/06/2015 (ACC 2015/66) and catalogued as C/RS/DE 1, 5, 6, 10 additional, C/RS/DM 1, 5, 6, 10 additional, C/RS/F 1, 5, 6, 7, 10 additional, C/RS/K 1, 5, 6, 10 additional, C/RS/T 1, 5, 6, 10 additional, C/RS/W 1, 5, 6, 10 additional; on 08/07/2015 (ACC 2015/77) and catalogued as C/RS/DS 1, 5, 6, 10 additional and C/RS/N 1, 5, 6, 10 additional; on 14/08/2015 (ACC 2015/108) and catalogued as C/RS/N 7, 8 additional and C/RS/W 7 additional; on 12/02/2016 (ACC 2015/242) and catalogued as C/RS/DE 7 additional, C/RS/DM 7 and 8 additional, C/RS/DS 8 additional, C/RS/F 7 additional, C/RS/K 7 and 8 additional, C/RS/N 7 and 8 additional, C/RS/T additional, C/RS/W 7 additional, C/RS/Y 7 additional; on 29/06/2016 (ACC 2016/91) and catalogued as C/RS/DS 11 (JD); on 12 July 2017 (ACC 2017/45 numbered C/RS/DE 7/37/4, C/RS/DE 7/38/13, C/RS/DM 7/7/6, C/RS/DM 7/28/7, C/RS/DM 7/37/2, C/RS/DM 7/37/3, C/RS/K 7/8/4, C/RS/K 7/8/5, C/RS/K 7/51/14, C/RS/K 8/6/10, C/RS/K 8/12/2, C/RS/N 7/13/2, C/RS/N 7/63/8, C/RS/N 7/65/5, C/RS/Y 7/10/3); 4 Sep 2018 (ACC 2018/92) catalogued as C/RS/DE 7 and 8 additional, C/RS/DE 7 additional, C/RS/F7 and 8 additional, C/RS/DS 7 and 8 additional, C/RS/K7 and 8 additional, C/RS/N7 additional, C/RS/T 7 additional and C/RS/Y 7 additional. Catalogue amended July 2017 (IRP) and 4-6 Sep (HV).

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Portée et contenu

The collection contains registers of births and deaths, and indexes to the same, created by the Norfolk Registration District and its predecessor bodies, which date from July 1837 to the end of March 2011. It also contains registers of marriages which were created or collected by the Norfolk Registration District and its predecessor bodies. These date from July 1837 through to the end of 2012. In addition, there are a few marriage registers which finish in 2013, which were collected by the Norwich registration office. This collection also contains indexes to the marriage registers. These generally cover the period from July 1837 to the early 1990s. At this point, all indexing took place on electronic management systems. These electronic systems do not form part of this collection.

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Mode de classement

The arrangement of the catalogue reflects the order placed on the documents by the Norfolk Registration Service at the time of deposit. The collection is arranged by the registration offices which last held the registers and indexes. This corresponds with the nine registration districts which were in existence immediately prior to the establishment of the Norfolk Registration District on 1 April 2011. These were Dereham, Diss, Downham Market, Fakenham, Great Yarmouth, King's Lynn, North Walsham, Norwich and Thetford. The registers and indexes have been catalogued in a similar manner for each of the nine offices. For each registration office the first five series are indexes to birth registers, indexes to marriage registers created by the Church of England, indexes to marriage registers created by authorised person churches, indexes to marriage registers created by registry offices and indexes to death registers. The next five series contain the actual registers. The order mirrors that of the indexes. The series of birth and death indexes and registers are further divided by sub-registration district (initially referred to as registration districts). They are usually arranged in alphabetical order of sub-registration district. The marriage registers created by the Church of England, and their respective indexes, are arranged in alphabetical order of parish. With regard to marriage registers created by authorised person churches, and their associated indexes, the order placed on them by the individual registration offices varies. This is reflected in the catalogue. Norwich registration office attempted to order the registers and indexes by religious denomination. The other registration offices, if they had any arrangement, tended to list the registers in alphabetical order of place. This is how the registers of all the registration offices (except Norwich) have been arranged in the catalogue. Marriage registers created by registry offices do include marriages overseen by registrars at a variety of locations. These registers are usually arranged in alphabetical order of registration district or location of the registry office.

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Conditions d’accès

The Norfolk Record Office is not permitted, by direction of the General Registry Office (Certificates 1 section 10), to allow any public access to birth, death or marriage registers from this collection. Any researcher or research organisation wanting access to birth, death or marriage registers should contact the General Register Office (General Section). The Norfolk Record Office may well hold a duplicate marriage register within the archives of individual churches (usually with the catalogue prefix of PD or FC), which are usually open to public consultation in the Norfolk Record Office's public searchroom. The same applies to the indexes described in this catalogue. The Norfolk Record Office can supply certified copies upon request of birth, death and marriage entries from the registers it holds.

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