Records relating to City improvements and corporation estates Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
NCR 22a/1/2 Articles of agreement with contractors for the building of the bridge, toll house, toll gates, and the adjoining new streets, north and south of the river File 29 May 1821
NCR 22a/1/8/1 Title of James Sparrow of Norwich, schoolmaster to a mortgaged estate comprising a public house formerly called the Man in the Moon and afterwards, the Cock and House, with five other adjacent messuages, all in the parish of St Mary Coslany, Norwich Item 1767-1817
NCR 22a/1/8/4 Title of the commissioners to two adjacent messuages in a yard in the parish of St Mary Coslany Item 1816-1823
NCR 22a/1/8/5 Title of the commissioners to the 'Moon and Stars Estate', Daker's Street in the parish of St Michael Coslany Item 1800-1821
NCR 22a/3/2 Deeds, receipts, abstracts of title of land for bridge and tollhouse with bills for workmen's expenses File 1810-1825
NCR 22a/3/4 Petition of Foundry Bridge Commissioners and mortgagees to the House of Commons opposing the incorporation of the Norwich and Yarmouth Railway Company, 1842 File 1842
NCR 22a/3/5 Agreements for building and repair of bridge and particulars and conditions of its sale, 1843-1844 File 1843-1844
NCR 22a/4/1-5 Norwich Bridges Sub-series 1700-1830
NCR 22a/5 Norfolk Quarter Sessions Sub-series 1659-1677
NCR 22b/4 Deeds, estates of: John Larter, 1780-1880, Miles Blomfield, 1829-1878, Charles Betts, 1730-1878. File 1730-1880
NCR 22b/9 Deeds, estates of: James Nicholls, 1812-1878, Peter Finch and Donald Steward, 1862-1880, Mary and Samuel Thetford, 1776-1878, Thomas Sendall, 1843-1878. File 1776-1880
NCR 22b/14 Norwich Cattle Market Improvement, 1861-1863 File 1677-1863
NCR 22c/2/3 Copies of assignments of leases File 1793-1798
NCR 22c/3 Original leases and assignments of leases Sub-series 1700-1799
NCR 22c/3/1 Bundle labelled 'Draft Leases 1825-1831' being draft leases of Corporation property File c 1831
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