Records of Felbrigg Hall and the Ketton-Cremer family Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 3445/1 Correspondence and mixed papers File c 1862-1963
MC 3445/5 Schedule of tithe redemption annuities File nd [c 1936]
MC 3445/14 Deeds for the purchase of the Manor of Gresham and Aylmerton, by John Ketton of William Scott File 1865-1866
MC 3445/15 Deeds for Aylmerton and Kelling File 1865-1871
MC 3445/18 Deeds for property in Aylmerton and Melton, copyhold of the Manor of Hanworth, purchased by John Ketton of Samuel S. Hill. File 1870
MC 3445/23 Deeds relating to the extinguishment of the Sustead rentcharge File 1941-1945
MC 3445/24 Woodlands index card and summary record sheets File 1974-1975
MC 3445/6 Personal papers of Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer File 1933-1960
MC 3445/8 Felbrigg Hall tenancy register File 1965-1973
Deeds relating to estates purchased by John Ketton, and other Ketton-Cremer estates Series 1717-1952
MC 3445/12 Deeds relating to the conveyance of the Felbrigg estate, from William Frederick Windham to John Ketton File 1862-1863
MC 3445/22 Deeds relating to settlement of John Ketton's estate File 1918-1937
MC 3445/2 Rachel Anne Ketton papers File 1863-1884
MC 3445/3 Felbrigg accounts File 1868-1931
MC 3445/4 Bundle of records relating to various members of the Ketton-Cremer family File 1921-1952
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