Fondo AUD 43, AC2 - Recording of Great Yarmouth electoral hustings

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AUD 43, AC2


Recording of Great Yarmouth electoral hustings


  • 9 Oct 1974 (Creación)

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1 compact cassette.

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The first meeting of the Great Yarmouth Constitutional Labour Party, at which its founding constitution was laid out, was held on 10 July 1948 at 51 King Street, Great Yarmouth (SO 215/1/2/2, p1).\r\nSee also the Great Yarmouth Divisional Labour Party. The Great Yarmouth Constitutional Labour Party replaced the Great Yarmouth Divisional Labour Party in July 1948 due to changes brought about by a new parliamentary division in Great Yarmouth, as required by the Representation of the People Bill. In effect this transition was not immediate since the Management and Executive Committees of the Great Yarmouth Constitutional Labour Party could not be elected until 23 September. Therefore, it was agreed that the Management and Executive Committees of the Great Yarmouth Divisional Labour Party would remain in being until the end of September and could be called to meet and the discretion of the secretary (SO 215/1/2/1, p120).

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Patricia Hollis (hereafter PH) was a lecturer in modern history at the University of East Anglia from 1967-1990. Educated at Cambridge University and then taught at Oxford University before moving to Norwich. She entered local politics in 1968 as a Norwich Labour councillor and became chairman of the Housing Committee in 1970. PH stood as the Labour candidate in the 1972 and 1979 General Elections for Great Yarmouth. The first woman to lead Norwich City Council from 1983-88, she served on a national housing finance committee, held the post of TUC representative on the regional health authority (1979-83) and helped restructure local government. She was a County Councillor between 1981-85. Other posts held: director of Radio Broadland, a national commissioner with English Heritage and a member of the Press Council. Author of several books including: 'The Pauper Press' (1970), 'Pressure from Without' (1974) and 'Women in Public 1850-1900' (1979). In 1994 she was appointed a deputy lieutenant for Norfolk. In 1990 PH was created a life peer with the title Baroness Hollis of Heigham in the City of Norwich. She was an Opposition Whip in the House of Lords between 1990 and 1995 and Opposition Spokeswoman on Housing, Local Government, the Environment, Disability and Social Security from 1990.
Sources: Information from UEA newsletter (27 April 1990), Eastern Daily Press articles and House of Parliament website (

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Received by the Norfolk Record Office on 30 April 2010 (SAC 2010/3), catalogued on 12 August 2010 (EM/JD).

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Features Pat Hollis, Lord Shepherd and Tony Fell at Great Yarmouth market place on 9 October 1974, the eve of the General Election. Recording made by Graham Gosling. Note that Side B of the cassette is blank.

00:00 (minutes:seconds) - Start of side A

00:01 - Pat Hollis (PH, Labour candidate) talks about Labour having raised the tax threshold 'for a fairer society'. Then states that Labour want a decent family allowance, more aid to the lower paid, a full comprehensive school system and longer hospital opening hours.

01:37 - Question and response about fair rents and council housing.

02:03 - Question and response about law stopped for freezing fair rents (? - indistinct audio).

02:27 - Lord Shepherd (LS) comes on and encourages maximum Labour vote in Yarmouth.

04:40 - LS discusses grave economic situation and talks about Tony Fell's support for Enoch Powell.

07:20 - Tony Fell (TF, Conservative) discusses Labour membership and attitude of trade unionism.

12:40 - TF discusses recent TUC conference and election there of a 'Communist'.

13:35 - PH describes Keith Joseph (Conservative) as an advocate of mass unemployment. Talks about Labour's policy to tackle inflation.

17:20 - PH talks about Liberal policies e.g. statutory wage policy (compulsory wage control), as advocate of Common Market, ending of food subsidies.

20:52 - TF mentions the influence of Communism (lots of heckling from the crowd about Enoch Powell). States Edward Heath wants government of national unity. (Much of this audio is indistinct owing to heckling from the crowd).

24:56 - TF replies to question regarding a referendum on the Common Market and [Harold] Wilson's approach to this.

26:10 - TF dismisses question about Tory manifesto.

27:00 - TF responds to question about how many Tory MPs are drawing directorships of over £50, 000-£100,000 per annum. Discusses his perception of general Labour attitude to the wealthy.

28:40 - TF discusses Edward Heath's policy of wage restraint and taxation.

30:30 - TF talks about his own attitude to Enoch Powell.

31:20 - TF discusses Labour defence cuts.

32:50 - TF responds to question about government of national unity and possible coalition then

36:00 - TF talks about making the rating system fairer.

37:47 - Meeting is wrapped up by TF (and sound of crowd ceases 37:55).

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Restrictions apply, contact Norfolk Record Office staff for details. The Norfolk Record Office acknowledges the intellectual property rights of those named as contributors to this/these recordings and the rights of those not identified.

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ECopyDuration: 37 minutes 55 seconds
Dimensions (length): 3.94 inches / 10.0076 centimetres
Dimensions (width): 2.5 inches / 6.35 centimetres
Dimensions (depth): 0.31 inches / 0.7874 centimetres
Magnetic pigment: chromium dioxide
Manufacturer / brand: TDK SF
Number of directions recorded: 1
Playback equalization: 70 microseconds
Potential playback time (minutes): 90
Product number: unknown
Screws on cassette shell: yes
Total tape thickness: unknown
Tape type: type II
Tape width: 0.15 inches / 0.381 centimetres

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Ecopy: scop_001-001212T001V001.wma. SCOP 1/1212/1/1; SCOP 3/26/1/1; SCOP 2/1285/1/1

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Anthony (Tony) Fell (1914-1998) was Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth from 1951-1966 and 1970-1983. He was knighted in 1982. Patricia (Pat) Hollis (1941-) was a UEA lecturer, chosen to try and win back the Yarmouth seat for Labour. She was twice the parliamentary candidate for Yarmouth, created Baroness in 1990, now known as Baroness Hollis of Heigham.

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