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'On Camera: A Place to Live', presented by Jean Goodman

00:41 (minutes:seconds) - 'Lady Dixon', retired Irish light ship, converted into a home by Peter Horlocks, pilot of Manningtree River, engineer, underwater diver and joint owner of ship breaking business. PH dscribes first seeing 'Lady Dixon'; towing her from Shearness to his yard at Mistley, Essex; conversion work; advantages and disadvantages of living on a ship. Sylvia Horlocks also interviewed.

08:11 - Tharston Mill on River Tas, which was converted into two dwellings, old grannary being made into three bedroom cottage and mill turned into a much larger house. The latter was bought by Mr and Mrs Thomas Austin, who talk to Jean Goodman about the 300 year-old mill, the conversion and problems of moving in furniture.

13:04 - seventy-one foot long ex motor gun boat, moored on Thorpe island, on River Yare, owned and converted by Commander Ron Ashby, who spent Second World War on gun and torpedo boats. After the war he acquired the boat, which was built in 1940, a boat yard and the three acre island. Describes towing the hull from Medway and how they sunk the boat to get it under Thorpe bridge; the conversion; problems of only having access by river and the freezing of the river.

20:24 - Wolferton railway station, located on royal estate at Sandringham and located on King's Lynn to Hunstanton line, was restored [from museum] in 1970 by Eric Walker, a British Rail executive and Hertha, his wife. The station was built in 1862 when Sandringham estate purchased by Queen Victoria for Prince of Wales and rebuilt in 1898 and was used by the royal family as a waiting room whilst luggage was transported to Sandringham and also for shooting parties. JG talks with HW about reasons for buying the property; the conversion process; signal box; and JG describes the building, including King Edward's retiring room, converted into main bedroom and Queen Alexandra's retiring room, converted into Edwardian sitting room.

Development int[erview]

Description: Discussion of a proposed new rail station and retail complex in Norwich.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): unidentified (speaker, male, presenter); unidentified (speaker, male, interviewee)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.