Quidenham Inventory list

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NAS 1/1/11/104 Letter from John Holland, Quidenham, to Peter Le Neve on his descent from the Hollands of Denton, Lancs., and the family's marriage alliances File 1693
NAS 1/1/11/116-117 Letters from John Holland, Mottisfont (Hants.) and Quidenham to his aunt Lady Bell at Oxnead on his marriage File nd
NAS 1/1/11/120-121 Letters from Thomas Holland, Three Cranes, Fleet Street, to his 'Noble Ally' Thomas Knyvett at his lodging in Holborn concerning a book Knyvett had promised to Lord Arundel, 1621; and to Knyvett at Ashwellthorpe seeking support for Sir Robert Bell's candidacy as Knight of the Shire, nd [? 1626] File 1621-nd [? 1626]
NAS 1/1/11/126 Letter from John Holland to (?Thomas Knyvett) on the 'times of great distraction and trouble', thankfulness that Norfolk was spared 'the fury of the sword & rage of warr', and hoping Sir John Hobart would be chosen MP for the County File 1646
NAS 1/1/11/94 Notes concerning the validity of sale by Ann Woodhouse alias Repps to Bassingborne Gawdy of goods that were her husband Henry Reppes' File nd [? late 16th century]
NAS 1/1/11/97-101 Ill-written letters from Anne Gawdy to her husband Bassingborne ('good Bas') in London File nd
NAS 1/1/11/118 Letter from John Holland to Lady Knyvett, senior, Ashwellthorpe, apologising for his sons' extravagence due to inexperience File nd
NAS 1/1/11/122 Letter from Elizabeth Holland (?daughter of Sir Thomas) to unidentified (?woman) thanking for purchase of a garment File nd
NAS 1/1/11/92 Receipt acknowledged by Robert Corye for the Crown of 30s. paid by George Nunne for licence to agree with Thomas Sackford in a plea of covenant concerning the manor of Hackfordes alias Sackfordes, 20 messuages, 10 gardens, 10 tofts, 200a. of land, 30a. meadow, 50a. pasture, 100a. wood, 160a. marsh, 200a. moor and heath, 60s. rent and liberty of a fold in West, Middle and East Harling, Bridgham, Brettenham, Roudham, Gasthorpe, Shadwell, Riddlesworth, Larlingford, Rushworth, Garboldisham and Quidenham File 1558
NAS 1/1/11/95 Receipt acknowledged by Thomas Holland of £10 contributed upon privy seal by Framingham Gawdy, esq., of 'White Harlinge' (West Harling) File 1626
NAS 1/1/11/102 Letter from a Gawdy wife to 'Sweet Mrs Aldrich' protesting her affection and sending family messages File nd
Bell and Knyvett Papers Sub-sub-series 1601-1646
NAS 1/1/11/93 Letter from John Grey to one of the Gawdys with extract concerning a knight's fee in 'Lidgat and Blomham' (unidentified) and Tibenham held by Framingham Gawdy, formerly George Nunne's File nd [? late 16th century]
NAS 1/1/11/96 Poor account File 1629-1630
NAS 1/1/11/103 Hearth tax assessment (Michaelmas 1664) File 1664
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