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Various deeds and papers

Copies of Court Roll of the manor of Barham Hall on the part of Ashe being surrender by John Tye to use of Richard Gowtye of tenement called Pigelles, 1r. adjoining and 8a. 1r., all in Ashbocking, Suffolk, 1578, and admission of Richard Goltie, cl...

Executorship papers

Inc. copy of will, of Matthew Leake, a servant of W.W. Bulwer, with re-used draft describing Bulwer's wife's illness and letter to Bulwer from Miles Branthwayt, at Chatham with the militia, re legacy to Mary Stringer his servant.

Wills and copies and abstracts of wills

William Bulwer of Wood Dalling, dated 1750; Augustine Earle, dated 1757; Frances, widow of Augustine Earle, dated 1762; W.W. Bulwer, dated 1791; Miss Frances Bulwer, dated 1796; Mary, widow of W.W. Bulwer, dated 1797; W.E. Bulwer, dated 1803. Lett...

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