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Letters from the Hon. Edward Harbord (at Eton) to his father, Lord Suffield [1st Lord] (at Gunton House, Norfolk, and Albemarle Street)

Re school life, Dr Langford, Dame Tyrell, sisters Louisa and 'Kitty' [?Catherine], 'I am well and have not been flogged yet' [Bacon p. 5]; re brother [The Hon. William Assheton Harbord] and wife, Windsor Fair, school life, threatened with a 'tickling [by] Doctor', family and animals; re school life, his 'tickling', now called an 'Etonian', Gunton pike fishing, 'old John Booth', health; re father's coming visit to Eton, arrangements for family; re tutor (Evans), Dr Langford, brother William, her 'Ladyship [being] brought to bed'; re [?subject], drama activities, fellow pupil 'pig Pelham', caricature of Pitt and Fox as pigs, 'poor old Totty' [?], [?subject] [Bacon p. 6]; re his behaviour, Mrs Bishop and cats, Totty, new lodging; re mother's letter, present of game, lodging, tutor, new form, Dr Heath, new rooms finished at Gunton; re his Dame, Kitty, Mrs Blackman, bonfire night and fireworks, holidays; re efforts to 'win remove', breaking-up, Vause, writer's love poetry; re promotion to Upper Remove (4th form), school life, writer flogging boys; re journey via (Thetford) to Eton, horses, worry over robbery; re family illnesses, floods, present of game, gift of hares to Dame, F. Lamb and William Howard, high jumping; re family affairs, studies, school life; safe return 'without being robbed yesterday', soldiers in Hyde park, Vause and floggings; re mumps, 'Montem', arrangements for family; re mumps, food, tutor, comparison of steel and quill pens [Bacon pp. 8-9]; re mumps, 'Montem', arrangements, tutor, recovery from mumps; re 'Montem,' [Bacon p. 10]; re 'Montem' [Bacon p. 11] re father's gout, annoyance with headmaster (Heath),'Montem' arrangements [Bacon p. 11]; re father's gift of watch, family (only ladies) at 'Montem', extra fagging; re dental problems; re shooting of brother (Lord Charles) by Lord Frederick Townshend, tooth, Harbord's brother and his wife; re '[winning of] remove', 'not robbed', busy roads, cricket, 'Mr Townshend's business', watch; re school life, 5th form, cricket, Norfolk floods, swimming lessons, Pelham, Lord Brooke, [William] Howard and brother, tooth, Sir George Chad's visit; re invitation to father to stay, Hinde looking after Harbord, cricket, Pelham, boating, swimming; re Hinde, swimming, cricket match against Westminster, rowing, Evans [Bacon pp.11-12]: re holidays, Eton-Westminster cricket match, tutor's letter to father; re threat of expulsion for Etonians attending cricket match, writer to tell story in chaise, aftermath of boys' actions, looking forward to Gunton fishing, 'old Totty'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Verse and letters to Edward Harbord, 3rd Baron Suffield (1781-1835)

Verse including valentine sent to Revd J. Hepworth by Mary Petre, 1819; letter from E.V. Harbord as a child to his father, 1825, including a copy of 'Ode to Gunton';'The Mistake', 1816; inscription on tablet in the old dining room, Gunton, by Miss Aufiere; Great Yarmouth election squib by J. Hepworth, n.d.; 'Provincial Polities, or, a Tale told in Lancashire'; 'Irish Avatar'

Marked 'no.[9]'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Commonplace book of Mary Assheton

Begun in 1757; contains notes of a card game and her innoculation 1758-1759, a recipe using prunes and verse. The verse includes Edward Young extract from 'Satire V. On Women' (31 January 1757); Francis Coventry extract from 'The History of Pompey the Little'; William Shakespeare extract from 'A Winter's Tale'; Thomas Parnell 'The Hermit'; Anonymous Sonnet on the Death of Earl Cowper. (1 February 1799); Richard Brinsley Sheridan 'On Nobody'; R.E. 'Solitude'. Inserted poem 'Eliza's Choice' by Miss Linley (first wife of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, married 1772) 1771 and copy of part of letter to a servant from Mary, Lady Suffield, on religious duty. 'The Temple of Love' engraved on cover.

Mary Harbord; c 1742-1823; Middleton, Lancashire

Letters to and from Edward Harbord, 3rd Lord Suffield (including draft replies) and related correspondence

From: Lord Seymour to Harbord (Vernon House) re case of fraud. 10 Feb 1821: Revd E.T.S. Hornby (Warrington) re publishing of poem 'Childhood' about Eton. 6 April 1821: Richard Morgan (St George's, Tombland, Norwich) re [James] Scarlett's Bill (on Poor Law) and false assumptions, poor rates, workers and employers, parish relief, unemployed, market prices, problems-poor with no support, crime, highway robbers, emigration remedy. 25 May 1821: sub-bundle:- 1) A. Ogden (Middleton) re local matters, William Butterworth, James Scholes. 28 Sep 1821: 2) Revd J.T. Haughton (Middleton) re local matters, Scholes, robbery of Miss Hopwood, health of dowager Lady Suffield, writer's son John beginning at Cambridge University. 23 October 1821: Marsham Elwin (Thurning, East Dereham, Norfolk) re Norfolk magistrates' meeting and resolutions passed on Castle Hill as site for new Norwich Gaol, also mentions Lord Suffield, Lord Orford., Sir Martin Folkes. 2 Dec [1821] and enclosing resolutions: Lord Albemarle [William Charles, 4th Earl] (St James Sq.) re Fox Dinner invitation (19 December 1821) and enclosing Suffield's (Henbury House) reply declining invitation. 21 Dec 1821: Samuel Hoare (London) re treadmill and enclosing treadmill plan. 11 Sep 1821: J.R. Burch (Brandon [Parva], Norfolk) re tread mills, Aylsham House of Correction, Poor Rates, [1821]: Capt. Edward Fennell to John Booth (Hanworth) encl. copy letter (R.H. Crewe (Office of Ordnance) to Fennell) re 1st Norfolk Local Militia and late Lord Suffield [2nd Lord]. 3 Jan 1822: J. Scholes (Stakehill) re Queen Caroline, Lushington, National Debt, Suffield-approved of by 'radicals' and called 'a rising sun', agricultural distress, criticism of Haughton, Peterloo massacre. 1 Feb 1822: Jehosophat Postle (Colney, Norfolk) re tread mills at Aylsham and Wymondham, and Cubitt's inspection, invitation to Suffield, J.J. Gurney (neighbour), wish for Suffield's opinion on prison and mill, Halstead (Essex) House of Correction. 25 Feb 1822: Aylsham and Wymondham tread mills, recommendations and enclosing diagram. 29 April 1822: Unsigned note re Smallburgh tread mill for wheat grinding. 1822: W. Cubitt (Ipswich) re Aylsham Bridewell and plan of alterations, tread wheel system of prison discipline. 13 March 1822: Suffield (Lower Grosvenor Street) to W. Hase [sic. Haze] [Saxthorpe, Aylsham] re device for employment of prisoners. 12 May 1822: sub-bundle:- 1) Edwin Thrackston (Scilly Islands) to F.E. Gordon re need to establish fishing industry in Ireland, Scilly Islands [Sc. Is.] situation, enclosure (no encl.). 21 May 1822: 2) Thrackston to Suffield re Gordon's letter, committee meeting. 21 May 1822; Thrackston (at Bristol) to Suffield re naval promotion problems, Sc. Is.'s economic problems, Sc. Is. Committee. 10 Oct 1823: Suffield's endorsement of circular - W. Wither's (Holt) printed 'Statement on Tithes. On the increase of the relative value of tithe...' 23 May 1832: William Tooke (Grays Inn) re enclosed, Mendicity Society, Suffield's illness, chimney sweeps (17 July 1822) and enclosing H. Bodkin (Medicity Office) re gratitude for support. 1 July : sub-bundle:- 1) S. Hoare (London) re building of gaol, [A.R.] Barclay and gaol location, annoyance to Suffield, writer's wife Louisa's visit to Earlham - 'bitter and sweet mixed in that cup'. 17 July 1822; 2) re prison committee, Barclay's objections, writer's opinion of Nicholas Vansittart [Chancellor of the Exchequer], [Thomas Fowell] Buxton, Suffield's health. 23 July 1822: 3) A.R. Barclay and Abraham Rawlinson to [Marsham] Elwin re new gaol, plans, Suffield's health. 20 July 1822: T.W. Coke (Holkham Hall) re his missing Suffield, present of buck and enclosing Coke's order for delivery of buck. 7 Aug 1822: re meeting, [subject?], support for Suffield's proposal [to set up Norfolk General Committee for the Better Preservation of Lives from Shipwreck?] 12 November 1823: Lord Dalhousie [9th Earl] (Brechin Castle, Angus) re wish to promote Society[?], hopes Suffield will visit Scotland. 10 September 1822: sub-bundle:- 1) P. Barnes to C. Brown (King Street, Norwich) re existing Gaol and Bridewell estimate, cost of new site. 18 Sep 1822: 2) Brown to Suffield re new Gaol site, decision, mentions Charles Harvey, R.M. Bacon. 26 Sep 1822: William Crawford (St Mary at Hill) re 'The Inquirer', articles on Poor Laws, asks Suffield to approach H. Bodkin. 9 Nov 1822: L.B. Allen re Police Bill [1821], salaries. 7 Dec 1822: Suffield to Sir Jacob Astley (later 16th Lord Hastings) re refusal to grant Astley's request that he preserve foxes at Gunton. 6 July 1823: Lord Belgrave [Richard, Viscount Belgrave (later 2nd Marquess of Westminster)] (Eaton Hall, Cheshire) re guardianship of Suffield's children. 12 July 1823: Revd W.M. Bradford (Hall Place, Beaconsfield, S. Bucks.) re Harbord's (sic Edward's) progress at school and enclosing itemised half-yearly account for his education [ the Hon. Edward Vernon Harbord later 4th Lord Suffield]. 28 July 1823: William Cooke (Brome Hall, Norfolk) re deaths of dowager Lady Suffield and Lady Vernon. July 1823 [T.?] Gray's (Norwich) itemised inventory (by room) of furnishings and furniture ordered for Gunton House. July 1823: Freeman's (Swan Lane, Norwich) re cleaning of pictures for Lady Suffield, incl. a 'Sir Joshua'. Aug 1823: Correspondence enclosed together and labelled 'Prison Discipline': sub-bundle - 1) John Glasse (Burnham, Norfolk) re Suffield's efforts concerning prison discipline and requesting help for Newgate prisoner. 21 Aug 1823: 2) J. Postle (Colney) re Wymondham Bridewell, Suffield's and Elwins's recommendations being acted upon . 3 Oct 1823: 3) Suffield to S. Hoare (Lombard Street) re enclosed notes on whipping prisoners. n.d.: 4) Suffield's notes on 4 Geo. 4 cap. 64. Adam Taylor (Orford Hill, Norwich) re imprisonment for debt of John Bacon of Ingworth (8 Sep 1823) enclosing copy of 'Court of Exchequer Schedule of the Pipe Roll for Nihilled Debts in Norfolk': Cromer and Mundesley Life Boat Committee - suggestion of J.J. Gurney (10 Sep 1823) and enclosed 1) Committee accounts and expenses (1821-1823): 2) Note re finances of Cromer life boat: William Hase re device and tables for submission to Committee for Saving Seamen in Distress re device. 1 Oct 1823: George Jarvis (Aylsham) requesting Suffield to become President of local branch of British and Foreign Bible Society. 27 Oct 1823: Col. Sir John Wodehouse (Necton, Norfolk) expressing support for proposal [to set up Norfolk General Committee for the Better Preservation of Lives from Shipwreck?] 12 Nov 1823: Revd Joseph Selkirk (Ashworth, Rochdale, S.E. Lancs.) re solemnisation of marriages in Ashworth chapel (Middleton parish). 9 Dec 1823: also including:- Printed circular (annotated) re Shaftesbury Mendicity Society. 1 Oct 1821: printed circular re formation of United Universities Club, signed [George] Lamb. 29 Aug 1821: John Channon (Secretary - Union Club, London) to Suffield re club's formation. 29 Aug 1821; Circular letter re membership (1 Sep 1821) with enclosed prospectus: Note re Suffield's subscription for Asylum for Deaf and Dumb. 8 Nov 1822: Coloured map of gardens at St Giles Gates, Norwich labelled by Suffield 'Plan of ground for new prison Norwich': Nov 1822: Itemised list of game killed at Holkham. 1822: Lady Cardigan re Suffield's purchase of house in Arlington Street, subject to Lord Tavistock's lease. nd.

Marked 'no. 8 examined and scheduled by R.M. Bacon.

Stephen Lushington; 1782-1808; civil and ecclesiastical lawyer, politician; Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies)

From: Suffield to [Wilson Committee] re fund for Sir Robert Wilson [dismissed from Army following Peterloo massacre]. 25 Feb 1821 [Bacon pp. 131-2]: T.W. Coke (Holkham Hall) re Suffield's pamphlet [on tenantry, agricultural problems], County Meeting, visit of Duke of Sussex to Holkham, invitation to Suffield. 29 Dec 1821 [Bacon pp. 150-1]; re County Meeting, agricultural distress: 3 Jan 1822: 'Philo' (North Walsham) to Suffield (Jordans Hotel, St James Street) re enclosed poem (16 Feb) and enclosing 'Lines addressed to Lord Suffield on his coming to reside in Norfolk' (24 Jan 1822): John Buckley (Middleton) re Suffield's speech at County Meeting on 12 Jan 1822 on Peterloo, parliamentary reform, Commons- 'that mass of corruption', landed classes' increased support for reform, Middleton 'reformers' effectively 'radicals', writer's partial approval of Whig reformers, Suffield's recent visit to Middleton, Suffield compared with local gentry. 11 Feb [Bacon pp. 159-160] and Suffield's reply (Vernon House) expressing gratitude. 15 Feb 1822: Lord Dacre [Thomas Brand, 20th Lord] (The Hoo, [Welwyn, Herts.]) re holding of Suffield's proxy, writer's health. 16 Feb 1822 [Bacon pp. 158-9]: Suffield to 'The High Sheriff' [Sir Richard Paul Jodrell?] re County Meeting to discuss parliamentary reform, opinions, his non-attendance. 5 May 1822: Suffield (at Lower Grosvenor Street, London) to Shaftesbury [Borough] expressing gratitude for gift of snuff box (not Suffield's hand). 9 May 1822: Sir Thomas B. Beevor (Hargham, Norfolk) re County Meeting, determination to introduce reform question, criticism of Tories' tactics. 18 Dec 1822. [Bacon p. 170].

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

Rolfe family records.

Miscellaneous documents from the collection of S.C.E. Neville Rolfe including inter alia:
Copies of acts for the better observation of the Lord's Day, for confirming augmentations to small vicaracies and curacies and for taking away the writ De Haeretico Comburendo (printed) 1677. /8
Lives of 5 people with Norfolk connections executed for robbery and smuggling between 1687 and 1751 (printed). /7
The 'Suffolk Mercury' or 'Bury Post', 1 Nov. 1731, and the 'Ipswich Journal', 12 June 1784. /6
Request for vote by Wodehouse and de Grey, 1767./4
Printed account of Suffolk being pp 241-260 from a larger book. 18th cent. /11
East prospect of the town of Leostoff (printed) 18th cent. /11
Elegiac Stanzas inscribed to the memory of Mary Ann, the deceased wife of Robert Bacon (printed) 1813. /9
Map of sites of religious houses in Norfolk before the dissolution by R. Taylor (printed) 1834. /1
Letters to Revd N. Rolfe including appeal for a new church at Brookfield, Kentish Town, Middlx. 1841/2. /2
Miscellaneous portraits. /10

Scrapbook of Admiral Ernest Neville Rolfe.

Contains press cuttings and photographs relating to the British Sudan Campaign, 1884, including reports from Souakim [Souakin], articles on the Battles of El Teb and Tamasi [Tamaai], and about the relief of Tokar, and reports on Admiral Sir William Hewett's special mission to King John of Abyssinia, 1884 (Neville-Rolfe was one of the party). With illustration from 'The Engineer' showing damage to the starboard engine room of the SS 'City of Paris' following an accident (Margaret Torrey née Neville-Rolfe was on board; see GUN 196), 1890, and watercolours of cousin Charlie Stewart in the park at Heacham and of cousin Audrey Stewart.

Also includes the following loose papers:
Press cuttings reporting on the accident to the SS 'City of Paris', 1890.
Watercolours of Park House drawing room painted as Christmas cards, 1885 (2 cards), pen and ink drawings of Palazzo Capponi, Florence, 1885 (2 cards); watercolours of a Parsee [Parsi], a woman selling bananas, a cockatoo, and a tower of silence, with plan (3 cards).
Press cutting from 'The Philadelphia Inquirer' showing Dr Helen Ingleby and Dr Stanley Reimann at the sixth annual Cancer Forum, 1939, in envelope addressed to Miss Black, Heacham.
Valentine card with decorative perforated border, addressed to Sarah L. Spinney with acrostic poem to her, nd [19th century].
Copy of notes on the Fawcett genealogy, 1781, made by Lieutenant Colonel H. Farrer from original at Scaleby Castle, Cumbria, nd [19th century], with typescript note of mentions of the family in Rolfe Family Records, nd [late 20th century-2014].
Letter, N.S. Hubbard to unidentified recipient [possibly Charles F. Torrey] offering engraved views of the London Docks, with copy reply, 1923.
Irate copy reply from an unidentified American [possibly Charles F. Torrey] to a request for money, nd [early-mid 20th century].
Letter, Everard Gunther sending items to Gerald [Torrey] which included a letter from Margaret Torrey on the SS 'City of Paris', 1890 [see GUN 196], 1940.

Ernest Neville-Rolfe; 1847-1909; Heacham, Norfolk

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