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  • A printed picture produced from a photographic negative.

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Photographic prints

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Photographic prints

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Photographic prints

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Wassom, Earl E.

Reprints of photographs showing crew and the B-24 'Bottle Butt's Buggy'; mission log, 1 September 1944-18 March 1945, and artwork for the nose art of the B-24 'Bottle Butt's Buggy', with covering letter detailing dona...

Charles Saxon; 1920-1988; USAAF airman, cartoonist; Stamford, Connecticut, USA, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Maule, Don

Typescript transcription of Wilbur Moretti's war diary, 6 June 1944-27 August 1944 (9 pages) with a covering letter from Donald Maule's widow to Phyllis DuBois at the Norwich Central Library, 4 December 1993. Print-out of a web version o...

Donald 'Don' Maule; fl 1941-1945; USAAF airman; USA

Part three (b): 466th Bomb Group, 467th Bomb Group and 491st Bomb Group

70) 491st Bomb Group crew being debriefed after their second mission, 4 June 1944.71) Rackheath airfield showing Sir Edward Stracey's residence, Rackheath Hall.72) 466th Bomb Group airbase band.73) 466 Bomb Group aircraft.74) 467th Bomb Group...

USAAF, 466th Bombardment Group; 1943-1945; Attlebridge, Norfolk

Part three (a): 466th Bomb Group, 467th Bomb Group and 491st Bomb Group

65) 491st Bomb Group aircraft 'She Devil'.66) 467th Bomb Group aircraft 'Witchcraft'.67) 466th Bomb Group: Red Cross Girls and canteen van.68) 467th Bomb Group: personnel relaxing after first mission.69) 489th Bomb Group crew.

USAAF, 466th Bombardment Group; 1943-1945; Attlebridge, Norfolk

Michel, George

Photocopy of 'Squadron History', 1 July to 31 July 1944, relating to the 576th Bomb Squadron; photocopy of a letter to George Michel's mother, from Isabel Carman of London, enquiring whether he returned home to the United States saf...

George William Michel; fl 1941-1945; USAAF airman; Saginaw, Michigan, USA

General information

Airfield Record Site Plan; original blank V-Mail form; photocopies of two photographs showing the crash-landed B-24 no. 44-10528; loading lists for Delmar C. Johnson's 18 missions, 9 September 1943-18 March 1944; large Joint Operation Graphic...

Delmar Cady Johnson; 1920-2009; USAAF airman; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Merrill, John W.

Photographs showing John W. Merrill and crew with the aircraft 'Miss America'. Also contains photocopies of a crew list, with next of kin identified, and a letter to Phyllis DuBois, 2nd Air Division Memorial Library, outlining his crew&#...

John W. 'Jack' Merrill; 1923-2018; USAAF airman; Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

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