Personal Papers of Philip Case Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BL/CS 8/1/3 Cash book File 1763-1772
BL/CS 8/1/4 Cash book File 1772-1783
BL/CS 8/2/7/1-5 Wills of Mary Swift of Wymondham, late Kirby, leaving everything to Pleasance Bagge and her sisters, with letter from Mary Swift to Philip Case stating she is leaving all to his family as he is her only friend as her sister has deceived her, etc., 15 Feb 1782, with docket by Case File 1770-1792
BL/CS 8/2/8 Will of Philip Case, and codicil File 1789-1790
BL/CS 8/3/20-22 'The Poet's address' – an election squib recommending Honest Wilson and Harry Carr, mentions Sir Patience [Ward] and Sir Roger, 17th century; elegaic lines on William Munson, late of Lynn, known as 'Billy Boots', 1815; lines by C. J. Munnings declining an invitation to a ball, 1829 File 17th century-19th century
BL/CS 8/4/4 Accounts of Anthony Hamond and Thomas Bagge, executors to Henry Case, tanner, who died 29 Dec 1788, with receipts for legacies File 1788-1796
BL/CS 8/4/5 Particulars of estate of Revd Henry Case at Holme next the Sea File nd
BL/CS 8/4/6 Proposals agreed to by Thomas Case and Thomas Mallet Case: estate in Hockham File nd
BL/CS 8/4/7 Statement of claims of Mr Mallet and Mr Lens: estate in Great and Little Hockham File nd
BL/CS 8/6/1/1/1-32 Deeds to Thomas Younge's estate in Watton, including deeds of Olley, Salter, Booly, Tooley and Muston families, and admissions to copyhold property in manor of Watton Hall File 1629-1761
BL/CS 8/6/1/1/33 Calendar and partial transcript of BL/CS 8/6/1/1 File 20th century
BL/CS 8/6/1/2/1 Letter from Sir Robert Baldock to Mr Pritheroe about Mayes Closes, with list of deeds. File 28 Aug 1668
BL/CS 8/6/3 Accounts of Philip Case as executor of Thomas Younge File 1770-1787
BL/CS 8/6/7 Papers and accounts of Philip Case as executor of Thomas Young of Watton. with receipts and letters from William Younge File 1771-1796
BL/CS 8/6/8 Letters from Tabitha Lewis to Philip Case about money owing on bond to Daniel Burslem, 1772, receipt by Daniel Burslem for £15 15s from sale of remaining part of the earthenware at Peterborough towards a debt due from Ralph Lewis, 1775, note from Burslem asking Case to pay Robert Whincop 100 guineas as his fee to take his grandson Daniel Burslem as clerk for 5 years, from money from sale of his house at Rudham, 1775; receipts from Dorothy Younge, daughter of Daniel Burslem; etc. File 1772-1781
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