Parlimentary Commmissions and Government Departments Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
HNR 323/1/2 Sketch and reference to Mr Edward's property. File May 1875
HNR 121/4 Assorted papers relating the South Wootton enclosure File 1849-1853
HNR 334/7 Plan File 1857
HNR 307/1/4 Norfolk references File nd [c 1857]
HNR 307/1/5 Numerical reference to allotments File nd [c 1857]
HNR 307/2/7 Accounts of copyholds and hereditaments held of the Manor of Abbotts late Bodham and Roses File nd [c 1858]
HNR 216/14 Statement of claims File 1861-1862
HNR 216/7 Plan for new drainage File 1862
HNR 216/12 Printed receipts for expenses File nd [c 1863]
HNR 312/2 General papers File 1867-1871
HNR 312/6 Receipts File 1868-1872
HNR 312/9 Copy of Burston apportionment File nd [c 1868]
HNR 312/14 References to allotments and other papers File nd [c 1870]
HNR 335/9 Plans of Briston File nd [c 1864]
HNR 335/4 Minute book File Jul 1864-Jul 1869
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