Papers of the Turner, Palgrave and Barker Families Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 2847/R1 Letters to Inglis Barker from his parents File 1904
MC 2847/S6 Funeral cards and letters re Barker tombs File 1852-1879
MC 2847/S11 Financial papers File 1858-1917
MC 2847/T Papers relating to the Turner and Palgrave families Sub-fonds 17th century-20th century
MC 2847/T2 Printed pedigree of Turner family (2 copies) File 19th century
MC 2847/T6 'The Origins and early development of the Royal Economic Society', A.W. Coats, offprint from 'The Economic Journal', June 1968, vol. LXXVIII, with letter from A.W. Coats to G.P. Palgrave File 1968
MC 2847/H2 Letters from Hannah Brightwen in Brussels, Lucerne, etc., to Ellen Jacobson, probably written in 1878 File [1878]
MC 2847/J Sir Robert Harry Inglis Palgrave (1827-1919) Sub-fonds 1830-1919
MC 2847/J1/1 Scrapbook of letters to R.H.I.P. from his parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers, cousins Matilda Ker, M.H. Hooker, also friends Ogle R. Lafont, F.T. Jennings, Anna Gurney, etc. File 1833-1845
MC 2847/J1/3/1 Letters from his mother Elizabeth Palgrave including a few also to his brothers Frank and Reginald File 1845-1852
MC 2847/J1/4/2/1-16 Letters to R.H.I.P. after his father's death, many for memoir about his early life, from Mary Ann Turner (Palgrave's conversion was long before his marriage; his youth 'I have little doubt that Mr H.G. [Hudson Gurney] could give all particulars, if he could trouble himself to find & impart them'), James Hannay, Reginald Palgrave, D. Gurney, copies of memoir, seal etc. File 1861
MC 2847/J1/7/1-30 Letters to R.H.I.P. from his brother F.T. Palgrave File 1846-1884
MC 2847/J1/8 William Gifford Palgrave (1826-1888), brother, traveller and diplomatist Sub-series 1845-1888
MC 2847/J1/8/1/1-20 Letters from to R.H.I.P. from William Gifford Palgrave at Oxford, 1845-1846, Bombay, Maharashtra and Sattara, 1847-1851, Negapatam 1851, 1855. File 1845-1853
MC 2847/J1/9/7 Letters to R.H.I.P. from Reginald Douce Palgrave File 1903-1904
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