Papers of the Turner, Palgrave and Barker Families Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 2847/D3/6 'Correspondence Jan. to Dec. Seals B to W 1830' with partial list of correspondents in modern hand File 1830
MC 2847/D3/7 'Correspondence Jan. to Dec. Seals A to W 1831', with index of correspondents, some of which letters are missing File 1831
MC 2847/D3/9 'Correspondence Jan. to Dec. Seals A to W 1833' File 1833
MC 2847/D4 Letter from William Roscoe (1753-1831), Toxteth Park, Liverpool File 29 Jan 1825
MC 2847/D8/1-11 Letters from Robert Southey (1774-1833) File 1825-1833
MC 2847/D10/2-3 2 letters from 4th earl of Aberdeen, Argyll House File Jul 1835
MC 2847/D12/7 Note of treasury minute fixing salary of deputy keeper File 14 Oct 1838
MC 2847/D12/9 Appointment as Deputy Keeper of the Public Records signed by Lord John Russsell File 14 Dec 1838
MC 2847/D12/17 'Declaration of Abraham Lawrence esq [described as a first cousin] as to my age' File 21 Feb 1850
MC 2847/E2 Sketch book File 1811-1817
MC 2847/E5 Volume entitled on spine 'Library of D. Turner Printed Books Catalogue 1859' File 1859
MC 2847/F1/1-3 Letters to William Gunn from Dawson Turner: describes lecture by Professor [Adam] Sedgwick, 1825; plans of Mr Pritchard [Gunn's son-in-law], 1832; Lord Gosford's favourable description of the Jephson family, 1833. File 1825-1833
MC 2847/G Hannah Sarah Brightwen (1808-1882) and her family Sub-fonds 1832-1880
MC 2847/G3/2 Letters from Thomas Brightwen to his wife, Hannah, from Halesworth, Irstead, Yarmouth, etc. File 1839-1847
MC 2847/G6 Miscellaneous letters to the Turner sisters from their sister Maria Hooker, including lengthy description of wedding of Leonora Rothschild to her cousin Mayer Alphonse James de Rothschild, 1857, W.G. Palgrave to Harriet Gunn, Dawson Turner the younger to his father, 1837, description of earthquake and sea wave at St Thomas in the Virgin Islands by R. Bramwell, 1867, Harriet Gunn to her sisters, nd, J.D. Hooker to Tom, 1862, poems (some by William Gifford Palgrave), drawings, gravestone inscriptions, printed booklet - 'A Few Words to a Nurse on entering an Hospital', 1853, etc., with loose papers at front addressed to Dawson Turner and franked by Archibald Acheson, Lord Gosford, 1833, photograph of portrait of Sir Francis Palgrave by George Richmond, etc. File 1837-1867
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